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01/23/06 - Hedgehog fun, Go, Wiki on my keyboard, and snow

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id: 12722
Wiki peed on Mike
id: 12723
Mike and Brett playing on my new Go board
id: 12724
Mel and Wiki
id: 12725
id: 12726
He's on my keyboard!!
id: 12727
Ahhh get him off the keyboard!!
id: 12728
id: 12729
id: 12730
He's gonna pee or something!!
id: 12731
For real get him off!!
id: 12732
Don't you give me that look!
id: 12733
Snowy snowy Worcester
id: 12734
Yep. It's snow
id: 12735
Stupid short street signs
id: 12736
This is a very misleading picture. The sign is only a few feet tall
id: 12737
Goddard Library
id: 12738
3d picture #1: left eye
id: 12739
3d picture #2: right eye
id: 12740
That's about how much we got
id: 12741
Poor Freud, no one dusted him off
id: 12742
The University Center
id: 12743
The view from just outside Estabrook Hall
id: 12744
A 360 in Red Square
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