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02/07/06 - Wiki, Rhode Island, and DRY ICE!!

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id: 12745
A nice cup of Wiki
id: 12746
"Where am I?"
id: 12747
Mad hedgehog on the loose!
id: 12748
He's looking at you
id: 12749
No he's not
id: 12750
"What do you want?"
id: 12751
He loves this stupid box
id: 12752
"Get out of my box"
id: 12753
Mel and Brett at Oak Grove
id: 12754
No no no, thank you
id: 12755
The AB mascots appear at Viracon
id: 12756
Brett in a Harvard classroom
id: 12757
A new AB pin
id: 12758
3x3x3, 4x4x4, 5x5x5
id: 12759
Mo and Wiki don't get along
id: 12760
id: 12761
He just looks straight up..
id: 12762
He's so big!
id: 12763
"What's in this box?"
id: 12764
"I smell something.."
id: 12765
Look closely and you can see Wiki
id: 12766
That's just gross
id: 12767
Mel at the Providence mall
id: 12768
The Squarrow!
id: 12769
id: 12770
More cups of Wiki
id: 12771
Wiki in his new carrying case
id: 12772
id: 12773
"Go away"
id: 12774
Dry ice!!
id: 12775
I got dry ice!!
id: 12776
Some guy was delivering it
id: 12777
and I asked for some
id: 12778
and got about 2 pounds!
id: 12779
id: 12780
I have way too much with this stuff
id: 12781
id: 12782
It's fun to hold
id: 12783
Mist bubbling out of the bowl
id: 12784
You get bubbles if you put soap in it
id: 12785
Water + bubble solution + dry ice!
id: 12786
That's just weird, Bryce
id: 12787
Sketchy Tony
id: 12788
What's he up to?
id: 12789
Bubbles escaping!
id: 12790
Ahhh, the blob!!
id: 12791
That is one cold screwdriver
id: 12792
id: 12793
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