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03/02/06 - Fun with Wiki (on cardboard), brick patterns, Maywood closeups, and experiments with panoramas

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id: 12860
Playing with Wiki
id: 12861
Hi Wiki!
id: 12862
The bricks outside of Maywood
id: 12863
Swipe card dealy
id: 12864
Looking down the staircase
id: 12865
Clark didn't have floor numbers so people added their own
id: 12866
Outside Maywood and Carlson
id: 12867
The front of Maywood. Brett wonders why there are lights at the top
id: 12868
A combination of several panoramas. Rather than being a "circular" panorama (where one would stand in one place and rotate while taking pictures) these are "elliptical". I took a semicircle, moved in a straight line, took a semicircle, and moved back.
id: 12869
The side of Maywood
id: 12870
Carlson Hall. This building now holds the management classes
id: 12871
Maywood, Carlson, with Dana and Hughes in the background
id: 12872
Looking toward the Bio/Physics building
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