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03/06/06 - Fun with lasers, installing Ubuntu, and then a trip to the Museum of Science with Mel and James

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id: 13092
Bryce hunches over to play some Magic
id: 13093
The green laser lighting up the carpet
id: 13094
Shining into water always looks neat
id: 13095
It shows up really well when there's some kind of moisture in the air
id: 13096
Look at it go!
id: 13097
Bryce and Brett discuss Magic strategies
id: 13098
A weird tilted shot of Brett nad Bryce
id: 13099
Bryce plays with a part of his jacket
id: 13100
James puts together a deck for a tournament
id: 13101
In order to get both the hard dirve and CD-ROM working at once I had to have them hanging outside of Kotoko on the floor
id: 13102
Ubuntu installing
id: 13103
This what looked like while I was working on Kotoko. It was a crazy dancing cat!
id: 13104
Poor gutted Kotoko
id: 13105
Kotoko boots Ubuntu for the first time
id: 13106
Becky took this weird picture of me behind the desk
id: 13107
James was late to the train station
id: 13108
Mel poses with the T-Rex
id: 13109
James makes a weird face
id: 13110
"It's QRIO!"
id: 13111
There was this creepy sculpture full of heads. James gave it a hug
id: 13112
Mel decided to participate
id: 13113
There was gum in some of the heads
id: 13114
I didn't take any pictures in the Apple store. I inverted a screen's colors but felt that taking a picture of it would draw too much attention to myself
id: 13115
Mel tries to decide what to order for breakfast... at Burger King
id: 13116
"Excuse me?"
id: 13117
James had a bagel
id: 13118
James getting cream cheese ready
id: 13119
Yep.... what a dumb picture
id: 13120
The bagel used to be healthier than the burger.. until James got at it
id: 13121
Mel takes a bite of her burger
id: 13122
It's good!
id: 13123
Mel poking some ad guy's butt
id: 13124
This guy had a neat bike
id: 13125
We found Mercury in the MoS's scale model of the solar system. Size and distance are both to scale
id: 13126
id: 13127
Mel's floating in space
id: 13128
That black hole "put your pennies in here" thing in the lobby
id: 13129
A blurry penny makes it way toward certain doom
id: 13130
Round and round and round it goes
id: 13131
Almost gone...
id: 13132
It's gone!
id: 13133
It was really really full
id: 13134
There was some stupid Star Wars exhibit
id: 13135
X-wing from the front
id: 13136
X-wing from the side
id: 13137
Mel's in!
id: 13138
A closeup of the stamp on my hand
id: 13139
That weird "perpetual motion" machine
id: 13140
The Cambridge / Boston town line
id: 13141
James watches the machine go
id: 13142
It does all kinds of crap
id: 13143
Yes there are even gears involved
id: 13144
Some neat machine.. it moves water or something
id: 13145
If your arms go along these metal things you move your arms like a bird flaps it's wings
id: 13146
There were stupid little kids everywhere
id: 13147
So that's what Brett does all day
id: 13148
Mel's sad because she's poking a cactus
id: 13149
Stop touching that cactus!
id: 13150
Some crazy raccoon
id: 13151
Hahaha, this bird fell over and nobody ever fixed it. Hilarious
id: 13152
Mel makes the same weird face as the raccoon
id: 13153
A closeup of a stuffed rabbit
id: 13154
Mel does some lame computer exhibit
id: 13155
She's cleaning virtual pottery or something
id: 13156
Prairie dogs!
id: 13157
A turtle's skull! Mike thinks it looks like a cartoon character
id: 13158
A hippo's skull
id: 13159
A normal cow's skull
id: 13160
Coaster class is now in session
id: 13161
Mel and James try to find something interesting in the desk
id: 13162
Mel makes a weird face
id: 13163
James fell down
id: 13164
Different snowflakes
id: 13165
James made me a "computer"
id: 13166
id: 13167
id: 13168
id: 13169 camera!
id: 13170
id: 13171
I just left that there
id: 13172
I doubt anyone will get it
id: 13173
He doesn't look that threatening
id: 13174
Mel drew this
id: 13175
He's more threatening, but we couldn't get the reflection to go away
id: 13176
That's where I left the "YA RLY"
id: 13177
A cobra and a mongoose in battle forever
id: 13178
Mel looks at tracks
id: 13179
This special liquid shows turbulence
id: 13180
Mel and James make it spin
id: 13181
James got it going really fast
id: 13182
All of the liquid is turbulent!
id: 13183
Some solar powered cars
id: 13184
Mel gives DNA a hug
id: 13185
The new T-Rex
id: 13186
He must be cold I guess
id: 13187
Mel leaves a video message
id: 13188
I described to Mel how to build my structure with a curtain between us. She only got it wrong because she didn't have all the pieces
id: 13189
"Wolves and cougars ate our roast beef!"
id: 13190
My attempt at building Mel's structure was a disaster
id: 13191
The giant Van de Graff generator
id: 13192
A better shot of the Van de Graffs
id: 13193
Some neat tornado thing they added recently
id: 13194
If you blew on it it would disappear for about 10 seconds before reforming
id: 13195
A non-flash picture of the tornado
id: 13196
A Jacob's ladder
id: 13197
Some plasma
id: 13198
An even better shot of the Van de Graff
id: 13199
That weird light thing
id: 13200
I took these by shaking the camera
id: 13201
The new and "improved" electric show
id: 13202
This guy was the host
id: 13203
If you look carefully you can see some plasma in the air
id: 13204
The guy raised himself up to the Van de Graff
id: 13205
Some lightning
id: 13206
Tesla coil?
id: 13207
The best shot I got of the lightning
id: 13208
Basically the same shot but not as good
id: 13209
Some more lightning
id: 13210
id: 13211
A smaller Tesla coil
id: 13212
A cool computer case
id: 13213
Robot dogs!
id: 13214
Mel hates space
id: 13215
This thing is so inaccurate it hurts
id: 13216
The aquarium section had all these Camp Hoffman counseler names!
id: 13217
id: 13218
I forget who Sharky is
id: 13219
The virtual aquarium
id: 13220
Some doofy statue
id: 13221
A model of Mount Everest with LEDs in landmarks
id: 13222
A really really old tree. It was about a foot wide when Jesus was born
id: 13223
There are way too many of these signs
id: 13224
Oooo, Mars meteorite!
id: 13225
A flash picture of a Skylab model
id: 13226
id: 13227
Basically the same thing as the "black hole penny thing"
id: 13228
You can't mess with this one
id: 13229
A neato Mobius strip!
id: 13230
id: 13231
You probably don't like the probability exhibit
id: 13232
Weird bubbles
id: 13233
I like the bubble on the right
id: 13234
This bubble is a Mobius strip!
id: 13235
The sand is making AIDS!
id: 13236
The sand pendulum in action
id: 13237
A closeup of the center
id: 13238
id: 13239
As we let the pendulum go...
id: 13240
.. it began to resemble an owl!
id: 13241
So we gave it a face
id: 13242
Some stupid kids
id: 13243
That cool tinker toy computer. Note the kid making a weird face
id: 13244
The stupid Star Wars thing. Apparently there was a sign right next to me saying "No Photography"
id: 13245
My planetarium ticket
id: 13246
The planetarium thing
id: 13247
Another shot of the planetarium thing
id: 13248
"Where'd that asteroid go?" "You mean James?"
id: 13249
A scale model of the solar system. The plants are scale in size only, not distance. This sun is the center of the huge scale solar system
id: 13250
These creeps are molesting Jupiter and Saturn!
id: 13251
A giant light bright!
id: 13252
Well of course... we wrote ""
id: 13253
The panorama came out alright, see below
id: 13254
Well.. yes, I suppose it is
id: 13255
The "miracle of life" area
id: 13256
Mel didn't like this room
id: 13257
Mel poses with the average height graph
id: 13258
id: 13259
James on the seesaw in the "science in the playground" area
id: 13260
Flash picture of the Naboo fighter
id: 13261
A lighter, but blurry, shot of the Naboo fighter
id: 13262
id: 13263
Bye Boston!
id: 13264
We found Venus all the way on the top of the parking garage
id: 13265
id: 13266
Quit touching it
id: 13267
The Red Line makes its away across the Charles River
id: 13268
Mel vs. Boston?
id: 13269
A nice shot of Boston
id: 13270
A panorama of Boston and Cambridge from the top of the Museum of Science's parking garage
id: 13271
The view of Boston from right next to the motion machine
id: 13272
The Electricity Theatre
id: 13273
Stupid kids!
id: 13274
James watches the motion machine
id: 13275
James in some weird "outside" room in the Museum of Science
id: 13276
Stupid yellow not showing up.
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