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03/20/06 - It's Magic-o-rama as I document two huge games of Magic: The Gathering with my friends at Clark

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id: 12941
id: 12942
Shamrock pizza
id: 12943
James is afraid of Bryce's giant deck
id: 12944
The gang gathers for the game
id: 12945
Laura.. great.
id: 12946
Dan plans his strategy
id: 12947
Dan, Mel, and Brett
id: 12948
James prepares his deck
id: 12949
Bryce and James shuffling
id: 12950
Bryce knows his deck is ridiculous
id: 12951
Bryce's deck compared to James' deck
id: 12952
Crazy man!
id: 12953
James examines one of Dan's cards
id: 12954
The game begins
id: 12955
Dan looks bored
id: 12956
Mike hands me a card while Laura looks at him
id: 12957
Some kind of crazy dude on someone's card, I forget who
id: 12958
Bryce thinks he's cool
id: 12959
Laura's turn
id: 12960
Dan... being Dan
id: 12961
Mel looks around
id: 12962
Mel, Brett, and James wait for Laura to make her move
id: 12963
James looks bored already
id: 12964
My notebook
id: 12965
My big D20
id: 12966
Looks like James is dead
id: 12967
Some drawings by Mel's dad
id: 12968
This guy's a of truth
id: 12969
Mike makes a card house while waiting for the next game to start. Nice shirt!
id: 12970
id: 12971
The middle of the game
id: 12972
It's tough to get a non-blurry shot
id: 12973
I took this from Maywood, zoomed in to the max
id: 12974
Wiki in one of his boxes
id: 12975
Another crazy Japanese story
id: 12976
Magic fun!
id: 12977
Everyone waits for Laura to make her move
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