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04/24/06 - News crew, Rush 2 record, Ashitaka cosplay, Bistro, fun with Mike, and study time!

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id: 12978
That's a nice camera
id: 12979
So many cables!
id: 12980
Hey! CBS chap!
id: 12981
I'm surprised they just left this stuff set up
id: 12982
I could've just knocked it over
id: 12983
Brett backs away from the camera
id: 12984
id: 12985
200 points on one trick! Yeah!
id: 12986
Mel poses with Marco, who's showing off a part of the Ashitaka costume
id: 12987
I posted this picture on 4chan with an "O RLY" thought bubble added and it did pretty well. People even photoshopped it and reposted it
id: 12988
"This picture makes me look like a depressed elf"
id: 12989
The new tens. I like them but they're super annoying because no machines take them
id: 12990
The Bistro during peak hours
id: 12991
Some drinks that no one can buy
id: 12992
Some salads and crap people can't buy
id: 12993
Brett's got a newspaper
id: 12994
Mike hates this picture, I think it's funny
id: 12995
"Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind"
id: 12996
Mel's got her Beast back!
id: 12997
Mike in front of his gigantic canvas
id: 12998
Mike: the construction worker
id: 12999
Panorama component
id: 13000
Panorama component
id: 13001
Panorama component
id: 13002
Panorama component
id: 13003
Panorama component
id: 13004
Panorama component
id: 13005
Panorama component
id: 13006
Panorama component
id: 13007
Panorama component
id: 13008
Panorama component
id: 13009
Panorama component
id: 13010
Panorama component
id: 13011
Panorama component
id: 13012
Some Japanese I found on the wall. It's hard to read
id: 13013
Can anyone translate it?
id: 13014
These clearly are not brownies, despite what the sign says
id: 13015
I'm glad I haven't been food poisoned yet
id: 13016
Brett is not pleased
id: 13017
There was no ice cream on Sundae Sunday!
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