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04/27/06 - Bryce's passport pic, dinner at the Bist, cool panoramas, and a few other great springtime shots

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id: 13023
Bryce's picture for Japan
id: 13024
Mel at the Bistro
id: 13025
Brett blinked!
id: 13026
The UC, with the tables outside
id: 13027
Mel goofing off in the panorama
id: 13028
What is the matter with her?
id: 13029
Blurry Mel!
id: 13030
Hahaha, click on this one, it's great
id: 13031
A great shot of crazy Mel
id: 13032
Mel stopped running just as I took this picture
id: 13033
This one's not as good
id: 13034
Tired already?
id: 13035
Bored already?
id: 13036
Now she's trying to sneak away
id: 13037
A great shot of Mel sitting under a tree
id: 13038
Another good shot of Mel under the tree
id: 13039
She blinked!
id: 13040
Brett's got food!
id: 13041
The sign for the Sackler Science Center
id: 13042
Under the bridges. Brett stopped to look at a squirrel, which you can just barely see
id: 13043
Squirrel! It's a squirrel!
id: 13044
Desu fever!!
id: 13045
Brett was caught by surprise
id: 13046
John walking back from dinner
id: 13047
Mel walking along
id: 13048
Don't give me that look
id: 13049
Mel swipes in
id: 13050
A closeup of the elevator button. It looks pretty cool with the light on
id: 13051
Fire! Ahhh!
id: 13053
The area between Sackler and the Biophysics building
id: 13052
From left to right, there's the Sackler Science Center / UC, the new Bio building (in the distance), the Biophysics building, and the rest of the Sackler Science Center. As well as a whole bunch of shots of Mel
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