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05/01/06 - Mike's finished painting, random pictures around clark, and some great panoramas

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id: 13294
The dessert bucket
id: 13295
Space Invaders!
id: 13296
They're so huge!
id: 13297
Everyone loved it
id: 13298
The edge of the painting
id: 13299
id: 13300
The Traina Center, the "art headquarters" of Clark
id: 13301
Those little pollen things are falling again. I think I prefer before allergic to penicillin..
id: 13302
I thought the reflections on the windshields looked cool
id: 13303
id: 13304
Gross dinner remains
id: 13305
A funny Dilbert comic
id: 13306
The sign says it all.
id: 13307
These two questions seem to be unrelated
id: 13308
Where I was studying
id: 13309
The trajectory that the Genesis space probe took. Neato!
id: 13310
The view from the math common room
id: 13311
The view from the bridge connecting Sackler and the Bio-physics building
id: 13312
Dana Hall, our residence for next semester
id: 13313
In this picture you can see a large part of the Clark campus. From left to right it goes: portion of Dana, Hughes (dorms), Carlson (ITS, business, management), Maywood (dorms), Dana Commons (recreational), and the rest of Dana
id: 13314
Mel and Brett at dinner. Is it just me or does this picture look weird? It might be because I took Brett's picture a minute or so after the rest
id: 13315
The patio outside Tilton
id: 13316
An overexposed picture of the math common room.
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