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05/04/06 - Mike & Wiki, then pictures of a review session with my Multivariable Calc class. Prof Chou got pizza!

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id: 13054
Mike with Wiki
id: 13055
Aww, isn't he cute? ...Wiki, that is
id: 13056
You can see Wiki trying to crawl around to Mike's back
id: 13057
Some guys in my Multivar class
id: 13058
I talk to this kid all the time and I don't even know his name
id: 13059
There was a lot of soda
id: 13060
"Just don't take a picture of me doing something weird like thi-*click*"
id: 13061
It was tough for her to see the board
id: 13062
There's Professor Chou in the corner
id: 13063
Most of the pepperoni is already gone!
id: 13064
These guys were doing a "staged teaching" thing. Mike thinks it looks like they're all looking at a balloon
id: 13065
Scott's not playing along. Steve is though
id: 13066
Professor Chou took the camera for these two shots
id: 13067
This picture is awful because I'm making a weird face and Scott is messing with me
id: 13068
All the pizza's gone!
id: 13069
There were five pizzas
id: 13070
I thought this was kind of a funny picture. The pepperoni has to be off by itself. The veggie pizza smelled weird and was right in front of me
id: 13071
Steve elaborates on a question
id: 13072
Professor Chou answers it
id: 13073
More pano shots
id: 13074
This question was about orientation on curves
id: 13075
Pano shot with some math on the board
id: 13076
Pano shot
id: 13077
Vladimir in the window
id: 13078
The rest of the class
id: 13079
I thought this reflection was neat
id: 13080
Professor Chou answers another question
id: 13081
More pano shots
id: 13082
Pano shot
id: 13083
Pano shot
id: 13084
Look at all the math!
id: 13085
A terrible pano shot
id: 13086
Yeah, this test is going to be fun..
id: 13087
I only stayed for about a half an hour. I kind of left by accident, I thought it was over but didn't want to like.. unpack all my stuff again
id: 13088
Review in action
id: 13089
This is the only part that came out of the big panorama
id: 13090
This is the big panorama forced together. The seams are really obvious where I just put the image in and tried to make it fit. I still think it came out looking alright
id: 13091
Another panorama with even more apparent "brute force" seams
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