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05/14/06 - Leaving Clark for the summer, massive flooding in Melrose, and a family photoshoot

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id: 13317
Good idea?
id: 13318
I've got a bunch of these I had to store
id: 13319
All gone!
id: 13320
It held for a while, later on it broke. Oh well
id: 13321
After pointing out that hotpots weren't allowed, Mike crossed it out and then added a bunch of other stuff
id: 13322
No bombs
id: 13323
Mike with his box
id: 13324
The going home pile, and the going to storage pile
id: 13325
Don't refrigerate Mike's stuff
id: 13326
My multivariable calculus cheat sheet
id: 13327
Now this brings back memories..
id: 13328
A picture of my dad when he was 8
id: 13329
Strawberry's sleepy
id: 13330
My grandmother and aunt arrive
id: 13331
Someone braving a large puddle
id: 13332
The parking lot was mostly flooded
id: 13333
The corner of Melrose street and the Lynn Fells Parkway
id: 13334
Looking towards the high school
id: 13335
Some people drove around the barrier anyway
id: 13336
This guy was stuck
id: 13337
I saw this in front of Johnnies on Main street
id: 13338
This guy kept driving around making waves
id: 13339
It looks like he's stuck...
id: 13340
Look at him go.
id: 13341
The wave trapped me on my little island for a minute
id: 13342
No one can get into that apartment complex near the school
id: 13343
This guy turned around
id: 13344
It got really deep
id: 13345
This is pretty much the worst it gets in Melrose
id: 13346
Another shot of the intersection
id: 13347
This is the closest I got to the intersection
id: 13348
Those stupid benches were almost underwater
id: 13349
Becky's having fun
id: 13350
People driving around the parking lot
id: 13351
Driving down main street
id: 13352
Looking toward the high school again
id: 13353
Ell pond was up to the benches
id: 13354
Becky's still having fun
id: 13355
Driving to James' house
id: 13356
There was a small river coming out of Conant park
id: 13357
James walks along the semi-floating wood
id: 13358
There was a lot of water... I had to be careful not to fall with my camera
id: 13359
James hangs out in the flood
id: 13360
Play ball?
id: 13361
No. No ball.
id: 13362
Becky likes the rain I guess
id: 13363
My sister got my mom an iPod nano for her birthday
id: 13364
Mother / Daughter shot
id: 13365
The iPod nano with a AA battery
id: 13366
She even got it engraved!
id: 13367
The color screen on the iPod
id: 13368
Group shot take 1
id: 13369
Group shot take 2
id: 13370
Group shot take 3
id: 13371
Group shot take 4
id: 13372
Group shot take 5
id: 13373
Group shot take 6
id: 13374
I suddenly ran up to my grandmother and took this shot
id: 13375
Group shot take 7
id: 13376
Group shot take 8
id: 13377
Group shot take 9
id: 13378
Group shot take 10
id: 13379
Group shot take 11
id: 13380
Group shot take 12, I threw a pillow at Becky
id: 13381
Group shot take 13
id: 13382
Group shot take 14
id: 13383
Everyone left!
id: 13384
Hanging out in the living room
id: 13385
James next to the baseball field
id: 13386
Becky driving in the rain
id: 13387
Becky driving down mainstreet
id: 13388
A brute-forced panorama at the corner
id: 13389
A picture of the intersection from the Johnnies parking lot
id: 13390
My mom's house
id: 13391
James' backyard
id: 13392
Mel makes a face at me while I take a panorama
id: 13393
The MHS parking lot
id: 13394
James is the pitcher
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