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05/17/06 - Porter Square with James, Muffie, and Rob, then mini-golf on Route One with James and Rob

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id: 13395
Rob works at Papa Ginos. "What makes the pizza Rustic?" "We don't pop the bubbles..."
id: 13396
Muffie looks surprised
id: 13397
These are so pano components I forgot to delete
id: 13398
Ah well, it's a good view of the Orange Line cars
id: 13399
There's the platform outside
id: 13400
James tries to act cool on the train
id: 13401
Muffie looks around
id: 13402
Rob and Muffie on the train
id: 13403
A terrible pano shot with Rob in the corner
id: 13404
Pano component
id: 13405
The old map of the subway. It's still mostly accurate
id: 13406
The crazy long escalator at Porter Square. At the top of this one is... another escalator
id: 13407
A view from the railing on the huge escalator
id: 13408
Naruto, raw, straight from Japan
id: 13409
This says something about rentals.
id: 13410
Melts in.. the box?
id: 13411
Shouldn't you bake them for me?
id: 13412
Shouldn't this be "Mi-Amor" ?
id: 13413
This entire box is ridiculous
id: 13414
Mafu! It's almost Muffie!
id: 13415
Haha, I like how it starts off with "&"
id: 13416
Looks like bugles to me
id: 13417
Mmm, chicken flavored baby star
id: 13418
Japan's gum brands seem to be based on color alone.
id: 13419
Black gum..
id: 13420
Green gum...
id: 13421
My can of Calpico. It was pretty good despite the fact that it looked like coconut milk
id: 13422
"It's like one big cheese doodle"
id: 13423
id: 13424
James loves his peas
id: 13425
Hooray for Kotobukiya
id: 13426
Muffie's banana roll. "I am a banana!"
id: 13427
A bag of crap from Kotobukiya
id: 13428
Tampopo was a good movie
id: 13429
I might turn this into a logo later
id: 13430
A blurry picture of some cool Japanese food
id: 13431
James, Muffie, and Rob on the train
id: 13432
I saw this in a newspaper on the train. A bridge collapsed in Maine from the flooding
id: 13433
Ah yes, I should probably remember to pick up the 2005 update of the Internet.
id: 13434
James hits the ball on the first hole of the game
id: 13435
They're both so angry!
id: 13436
Rob lines up his first shot
id: 13437
This thing was harder than it looks. The ball is supposed to roll around the inside, but mine and James' just
id: 13438
There used to be a Chinese pagoda or something here
id: 13439
Golf is fun
id: 13440
James lines up his putt
id: 13441
Rob actually plays golf so he's way better than us
id: 13442
Bowling pins and what appear to be bombs
id: 13443
See? Bombs.
id: 13444
That stupid orange dinosaur.
id: 13445
Golf master James is not pleased
id: 13446
James makes yet another crazy face
id: 13447
Rob watches while James takes his turn
id: 13448
Hey, I know that hippo
id: 13449
James messing with something
id: 13450
Of course... we all touched it
id: 13451
Rob dodges the spinning wood thing
id: 13452
Yep, that's my golf ball
id: 13453
Rob and James hit the ball at the same time
id: 13454
I like this hole. You have to hit it just right of it'll go backwards to one of the other exits. The top one counts as a hole in one
id: 13455
James makes more weird faces
id: 13456
I hate this hole. This is barely even an obstacle
id: 13457
The stupid hole of doom. It's so hard
id: 13458
The final score
id: 13459
The batting cages. At this point it was just starting to rain again
id: 13460
id: 13461
This was leftover from the last batch of pictures. From left to right: my grandmother, Becky on my laptop Gamakichi, my Aunt Teresa (the blur), and my mom
id: 13462
A 360 at the minigolf course
id: 13463
James looks into the obstacle thing
id: 13464
Rob sits around
id: 13465
Rob, Muffie, and James on the train
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