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05/31/06 - Goofing off at my house with Mel and Topaz, then minigolf and Friendly's!

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id: 13685
I saw this in the super market. Totally ridiculous..
id: 13686
My mom apparently left her chicken timer too close to the grill
id: 13687
Topaz plays the piano
id: 13688
Mel on the couch
id: 13689
Mel does a weird thing with her leg
id: 13690
Topaz took these shots of me playing with my balloon toy
id: 13691
It's a balloon powered helicopter!
id: 13692
Calzones are here!
id: 13693
A weird picture of Mel
id: 13694
The first hole at minigolf. Topaz got a hole in one!
id: 13695
James takes a shot
id: 13696
Mel's turn
id: 13697
These blades weren't even an obstacle
id: 13698
Mel was the scorekeeper
id: 13699
James and Topaz wait for their turn
id: 13700
Mel lines up a putt
id: 13701
Hey! I know that owl!
id: 13702
A neato curvy bank
id: 13703
Topaz tries to dodge the blue hills of doom
id: 13704
Mel had the yellow ball
id: 13705
James is having fun?
id: 13706
Topaz walks to the next hole
id: 13707
It looks like a rock.. but it's not
id: 13708
id: 13709
Ball airtime!
id: 13710
id: 13711
Topaz didn't hit his ball as hard
id: 13712
Mel's turn
id: 13713
Note Mel's ball, airborne, leaving the play area
id: 13714
Another non-obstacle
id: 13715
"This one slopes down!"
id: 13716
Mel tallies up the scores to see who's in the lead
id: 13717
Topaz watches on as James lines up his shot
id: 13718
There he goes!
id: 13719
James makes a weird face while sitting on a bench
id: 13720
Topaz watched Mel take a shot
id: 13721
James' turn again
id: 13722
Hole #12
id: 13723
This thing was pretty neat. Topaz managed to get a hole in one on it
id: 13724
Looks like this was supposed to be a pano
id: 13725
Oh well
id: 13726
This guy was a total asshole. He ran the place and was such a jerk
id: 13727
James found a caterpillar on his putter!
id: 13728
James was taking pictures too
id: 13729
Topaz poses for a picture
id: 13730
Topaz tries to get his ball to stay on the starting point
id: 13731
We switched to simultaneous play
id: 13732
Another ramp with ball airtime!
id: 13733
Look at all this wasted space. We could be having fun there!
id: 13734
Everyone went right except for Mel
id: 13735
Who is trying so desperately to get in?
id: 13736
Mel hit her ball right next to James'. James just hit both
id: 13737
Potential logo?
id: 13738
Jerk man again
id: 13739
Here's some outdated advertising
id: 13740
The final tally
id: 13741
James makes a weird face
id: 13742
Topaz waits for food
id: 13743
Mel makes a look
id: 13744
Topaz took this picture of me
id: 13745
James is hiding... and Topaz is blurry
id: 13746
Or is it?
id: 13747
Topaz's t-shirt
id: 13748
James makes a crazy face
id: 13749
This was James' second course
id: 13750
Mmm, ice cream
id: 13751
Mel hearts ice cream!
id: 13752
More pictures of James
id: 13753
Topaz got ice cream too
id: 13754
Who's drinking who?
id: 13755
id: 13756
Mel talks
id: 13757
Topaz has ice cream
id: 13758
You can see the kitchen!
id: 13759
James' neato cell phone
id: 13760
I paid Mel for my food with a 2 dollar bill
id: 13761
James is on the Friendly's ride
id: 13762
id: 13763
All done
id: 13764
We saw this rabbit in James' backyard
id: 13765
Topaz has the owl!
id: 13766
Minigold panorama.. featuring Topaz!
id: 13767
I took a quick video, broke it down into images, and made this pano!
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