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06/01/06 - Magic and Polarity, a trip to Boston to meet a friend of Topaz's, then fun at iParty

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id: 13768
Topaz doesn't tilt his cards all the way when he taps. Booo
id: 13769
Mel was in charge of music
id: 13770
Topaz's turn
id: 13771
A closeup of the art on the back of all magic cards
id: 13772
Topaz stacked all the Polarity pieces
id: 13773
The game begins!
id: 13774
You basically want to balance all your pieces like this
id: 13775
The game continues
id: 13776
Balancing against "towers" is stricker due to the stronger magnetic field
id: 13777
It sure does look neat
id: 13778
The game is really going now!
id: 13779
As the game goes on, the towers get so tall that you can't balance against them anymore.
id: 13780
Topaz carefully makes his move
id: 13781
I think this is a "game over" picture
id: 13782
Mel tries her hand at Polarity
id: 13783
Mel places a piece
id: 13784
id: 13785
A small cluster
id: 13786
More fun with Polarity
id: 13787
Don't disturb the red disc or you lose!
id: 13788
Topaz on a subway for the third time
id: 13789
North Station
id: 13790
Topaz poses at North Station
id: 13791
This shot seems familiar..
id: 13792
Das Train!
id: 13793
Mel and Topaz pose in front of Fenway
id: 13794
It's those big coke bottles
id: 13795
id: 13796
That Citgo sign
id: 13797
Topaz points to the Citgo sign
id: 13798
Another giant anti-gun ad
id: 13799
Lollicup eh?
id: 13800
Is this loli?
id: 13801
Skie appears
id: 13802
Topaz has chopstick difficulties
id: 13803
Skie didn't do much better
id: 13804
Mel's sad
id: 13805
No not really
id: 13806
Topaz's meal
id: 13807
Mel decides on what kind of slushie to buy
id: 13808
Mel waits for her slushie
id: 13809
id: 13810
Topaz takes a food POV
id: 13811
Topaz talking
id: 13812
Skie grabs a chunk of rice
id: 13813
Mel got a mango slushie
id: 13814
Topaz.. didn't
id: 13815
I had some water
id: 13816
Random shot out the window
id: 13817
Topaz.. sits
id: 13818
I saw this guy driving by
id: 13819
This doesn't look safe at all
id: 13820
Hey! A mattress!
id: 13821
A walking mattress
id: 13822
Mel is not amused
id: 13823
Mel's "that was a dumb joke" face
id: 13824
I sat around
id: 13825
Mel took this picure of Topaz
id: 13826
the Super 88 market
id: 13827
Topaz doesn't know what's going on
id: 13828
The green line train arrives
id: 13829
id: 13830
My mom and dad look at my sister coming down the stairs
id: 13831
Thar she is
id: 13832
From left to right, Aunt Teresa, Aunt Kathy, and my grandmother
id: 13833
Becky has a snazzy dress
id: 13834
Note the Konoha headband
id: 13835
I'm a ninja.
id: 13836
Becky and some friend
id: 13837
Becky and friend.. aren't paying attention
id: 13838
Aunt Kathy and Becky
id: 13839
Mom, Becky, Dad
id: 13840
Mom, Becky, Dad.. again
id: 13841
Becky with her date
id: 13842
Becky with her date
id: 13843
The photoshoot
id: 13844
Becky with her date
id: 13845
I'm not sure if my dad looks proud or disapproving
id: 13846
Becky and her date
id: 13847
Cool, cool, glasses, Gragra
id: 13848
A very rare picture of my parents standing near each other and talking
id: 13849
Very rare indeed...
id: 13850
The photoshoot from a distance
id: 13851
The obscene Hummer limo that Meghan got
id: 13852
Prom people
id: 13853
Prom people
id: 13854
Prom people
id: 13855
Prom people
id: 13856
Prom people
id: 13857
Becky and mom
id: 13858
Becky makes a face
id: 13859
Becky cracks a smile
id: 13860
id: 13861
This guy had a crazy car
id: 13862
Topaz took this shot of me and Mel. You've gotta love the look that Mel is giving me
id: 13863
Mel was making her skirt fly around
id: 13864
Prom people
id: 13865
Mel ducked down for the picture
id: 13866
This was mismarked at $2, so they had to give it to me! Rocks to my chest!
id: 13867
This isn't a coaster!
id: 13868
Ooo, network card goodness
id: 13869
Snakes on a plane!?
id: 13870
Stooge number 4
id: 13871
Man, I wish I had some cool toys
id: 13872
Mel said "I can't believe they made this"
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