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06/13/06 - Construction at Clark, awkward posing, walking around, and Bailey's 16th birthday party

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id: 13984
Big crane!
id: 13985
Yep, sure is a big crane
id: 13986
A slightly blurry picture of the crane
id: 13987
One of those things with the arms digs around
id: 13988
The hole used to be deeper
id: 13989
Carlson Hall, this is where I work
id: 13990
Oh my god
id: 13991
That's a good book
id: 13992
C pointers are useful. Look at the book, not at me.
id: 13993
Nerds get all the chicks
id: 13994
Yep, look at me go
id: 13995
An impromtu rain jacket fashioned out of a garbage bag
id: 13996
Look at how clean my room is!
id: 13997
This is where I play Playstation
id: 13998
I love the name of this machine at work
id: 13999
Hey look at that, ketchup at the Bistro
id: 14000
Hahaha, hilarious!
id: 14001
Looks like someone lost some transmission fluid... or their face..
id: 14002
Ah the Perl Man, I know him well
id: 14003
The house of the Perl Man
id: 14004
Go Perl Man go
id: 14005
Nearby is Bra Man
id: 14006
What's that sign say?
id: 14007
I see...
id: 14008
A big hole on the side of the caf!
id: 14009
Looks like they're doing construction on the caf again..
id: 14010
Bailey throws an airplane towards the camera
id: 14011
Bailey's official birthday picture pose
id: 14012
Very funny
id: 14013
A picture of a flash going off!!
id: 14014
What's in the box?
id: 14015
A PS2!
id: 14016
The old PS2 next to the new one. Quite a difference!
id: 14017
I made this thing...
id: 14018
..out of straws and chopsticks..
id: 14019
..that reached to the lighting fixture
id: 14020
Neato, yes?
id: 14021
Another wall stablized shot
id: 14022
Prelude to a space elevator?
id: 14023
It was at least five feet tall
id: 14024
Everyone pose in the cart!
id: 14025
Mel's dad decides to sit on Bailey
id: 14026
Pose #1
id: 14027
Poor Bailey
id: 14028
That's a good shot!
id: 14029
Wiki wanders around
id: 14030
Blurry, blurry Wiki
id: 14031
There he is!
id: 14032
Wiki tries to get in the cabinet
id: 14033
Wiki runs across Mo
id: 14034
Neither of them know what to think of the other..
id: 14035
Mel's dad demonstrates how Wiki will climb into his armpit and unless caught, fall down
id: 14036
A small hedgehog in a big room
id: 14037
These are... so gross
id: 14038
This jerk had a jackhammer on a robot arm!!
id: 14039
The top of the parking garage
id: 14040
A view of Hughes from the garage. The top looks a little weird from the white balance
id: 14041
A view from some stairs
id: 14042
A seamless image of my mostly clean room
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