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07/02/06 - Tiny motorcycle, ITS, and new camera! Probably one of the last batches with the old camera

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id: 14469
The fire army won't know what hit it
id: 14470
This guy had a crazy tiny motorcycle
id: 14471
Tubes = lightsabers?
id: 14472
Melvin's head would have been sliced off!
id: 14473
"No pictures!"
id: 14474
My first ITS paycheck!
id: 14475
Pat and Dave
id: 14476
Strawberry and Ein hang out
id: 14477
Becky's new t-shirt
id: 14478
The new camera's memory card
id: 14479
From above with the flash down
id: 14480
Lens cap on..
id: 14481
Lens cap off, showing that beautiful huge lens
id: 14482
Size comparison with a quarter
id: 14483
Same comparison with the flash up
id: 14484
The back of the camera
id: 14485
I love how almost all the buttons are on the right so I can easily use the camera with one hand
id: 14486
The screen swivels all over the place
id: 14487
Here's where the memory card goes in
id: 14488
The USB port and DC power jack
id: 14489
The bottom of the camera
id: 14490
4 AAs is a bit rough, but I 've got a ton of rechargables
id: 14491
Helloooo new camera!
id: 14492
The camera when it's on and the screen swiveled a bit
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