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07/03/06 - New camera, fun with James and Muffie, Dad's house, Boston from afar, and fireworks

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id: 14103
First picture with the new camera!
id: 14104
James and Muffie hang out
id: 14105
Muffie sat across from me
id: 14106
So she was the subject of a lot of pictures
id: 14107
Isabelle from across the room
id: 14108
The clock on the wall
id: 14109
James hiding
id: 14110
Muffie looking at something in a weird way
id: 14111
James is still hiding
id: 14112
A closeup of Muffie that came out really good
id: 14113
Muffie's new tattoo, she designed it herself
id: 14114
Nice shirt, Muffie
id: 14115
id: 14116
id: 14117
James' hat
id: 14118
"You should totally take a picture through this stuff"
id: 14119
Muffie looks at the TV or something
id: 14120
James.. I don't know
id: 14121
The globe
id: 14122
Muffie's getting bored
id: 14123
James and Muffie fight over the door or something
id: 14124
Outside picures come out really clear
id: 14125
You can kind of see Muffie through the window
id: 14126
You can't escape my zoom!
id: 14127
Almost at the stop sign, but I can still read the license plate!
id: 14128
"What do you want?"
id: 14129
My A/C
id: 14130
Super closeup mode
id: 14131
"Switch colors" mode. In this one I switched a certain shade of white with red
id: 14132
Strawberry and Isabelle hang out
id: 14133
id: 14134
"Get away from me!"
id: 14135
My mom's weird lamp
id: 14136
Some plant..
id: 14137
A flag that's far away
id: 14138
Some car
id: 14139
id: 14140
Those new LED street lights
id: 14141
Blurry Becky!
id: 14142
Becky thinks she's cool
id: 14143
Trying to read text from 16 feet away
id: 14144
Dad's beat up alarm clock
id: 14145
This shot was taken from 16 or 17 feet away.. and you can still read the text on my shirt in the picture
id: 14146
Closeup of my cell phone
id: 14147
A store... far away
id: 14148
The moon
id: 14149
A developing thunderstorm
id: 14150
Some birdfeeder thing in a neighbor's yard
id: 14151
"We like da mooonn..."
id: 14152
"Dad, what's up with this?" "..these things take time"
id: 14153
An ant on super closeup mode
id: 14154
Go ant go!
id: 14155
My dad kept him from running off the edge
id: 14156
Aww, my dad killed him
id: 14157
The GTA:SA box
id: 14158
A zoomed picture of my dad's grandfather clock
id: 14159
Boston! Stupid haze!
id: 14160
An apartment building
id: 14161
A bridge
id: 14162
Eww, Malden Middle School
id: 14163
An airplane passes overhead
id: 14164
Neato contrail
id: 14165
Zoomed out a little..
id: 14166
Another picture of the moon
id: 14167
A radio/cell tower in the distance
id: 14168
Someone's been celebrating early
id: 14169
A piece of the anchor for the tower that used to be up here
id: 14170
Some gross gum
id: 14171
Metal stuff with neat focus
id: 14172
Manual focus demo: close
id: 14173
Manual focus demo: far
id: 14174
A broken bottle
id: 14175
Broken glass
id: 14176
The path down the hill
id: 14177
A bus
id: 14178
Another path. My dad's friend Mike Crystal once fell off that rock wall while practicing rock climbing. Ouchies
id: 14179
A squirrel!
id: 14180
I've been spotted
id: 14181
He doesn't like me
id: 14182
Squirrely looks around
id: 14183
The sign outside John Crowe's house
id: 14184
Becky shows off her new shirt
id: 14185
"Seriously, WTF"
id: 14186
"WTF? I don't know!"
id: 14187
That picture my dad always has on the wall
id: 14188
id: 14189
Now it's the whole picture
id: 14190
My dad holds his picture
id: 14191
Dad sits in his chair
id: 14192
My old Powershot A300
id: 14193
Old camera open..
id: 14194
The back..
id: 14195
id: 14196
This one was funny to watch. I pointed both cameras at each other, and set both 10 second timers. They blinked a lot and I got two neat pictures
id: 14197
A strobe going off
id: 14198
Long exposure + strobe = fun
id: 14199
15 second exposure from the top of Becky's car
id: 14200
"Hey watch this" pzzZZOOOOMM *smack* ".................whoa!"
id: 14201
A fuse burning
id: 14202
This is a small strobe
id: 14203
Big strobe!
id: 14204
It's too bright!
id: 14205
A shorter exposure
id: 14206
Driving to James' house
id: 14207
It's hard to keep stteady while driving!
id: 14208
Everyone watching the strobe
id: 14209
One of James' fireworks going off
id: 14210
My dad's 96 shot goes off, and James shoots a fireball in the distance
id: 14211
Look at it go
id: 14212
James busts out some more roman candles
id: 14213
James is full of lasers!!
id: 14214
A "spinner" in the grass
id: 14215
These things were very loud, so we left right afterwards
id: 14216
A spinner going off nearby
id: 14217
This one was so close I closed my eyes at the end
id: 14218
"Sea of Light"
id: 14219
Spinner + snow shovel = cool?
id: 14220
Lots of small spinners + show shovel = cool!
id: 14221
You have to look at this one carefully... James had a strobe on a show shovel for a few seconds and then threw it. You can see it falling on the left, and strobing once on the way down. Neat, ne?
id: 14222
James, Rob, Muffie, and Colleen standing in the smoke
id: 14223
The Squire
id: 14224
Practicing night shots from the car
id: 14225
id: 14226
Ugg, no comment
id: 14227
What a weird idea
id: 14228
Airplanes flying by
id: 14229
id: 14230
An airplane landing
id: 14231
Revere Beach at night
id: 14232
An incoming airplane
id: 14233
Getting closer..
id: 14234
Blurry buildings
id: 14235
Still blurry....
id: 14236
There we go
id: 14237
Everyone standing around on the beach
id: 14238
James points at something
id: 14239
Standing around with lights in the background
id: 14240
A surprise flash picture!
id: 14241
id: 14242
Becky on the computer
id: 14243
A zoomed panorama of Boston
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