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07/04/06 - Shuttle launch, driving to Rhode Island, and hanging out at Mel's house

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id: 14244
Space Shuttle Discovery takes off!
id: 14245
A fire truck backs into it's station
id: 14246
My dad liked this bus
id: 14247
Playing with the zoom
id: 14248
That new bridge
id: 14249
That clock tower
id: 14250
id: 14251
Tunnels look neat with a slightly longer exposure
id: 14252
Oops, a little too blurry
id: 14253
Motorcycles in the distance
id: 14254
Zoomed in on the motorcycles
id: 14255
Another picture of the motorcycles
id: 14256
Light at the end of the tunnel
id: 14257
That neat building with the huge painting
id: 14258
A huge inflatable lock
id: 14259
A wind generator
id: 14260
Too bad we don't see more of these..
id: 14261
The colorful gas tank
id: 14262
Can you see Ho Chi Minh?
id: 14263
This barrier is neat. They move the whole thing over a lane during the day..
id: 14264
.. so it's three lanes on the northbound side in the morning, and three lanes on the southbound side at night
id: 14265
id: 14266
Mo hides behind the couch
id: 14267
Hi Mo!
id: 14268
Mel's mom says "no pictures"
id: 14269
Showing off the "pictures during movies" feature
id: 14270
Dance Mel!
id: 14271
Dance dance dance!
id: 14272
Go Mel Go!
id: 14273
So 80s
id: 14274
Fun fun!
id: 14275
A cool closeup of Mel
id: 14276
Mel got cake at Chelo's
id: 14277
id: 14278
Me and Mel standing by the water
id: 14279
Can you believe I got fireworks in the picture? Mel's arm makes it look like my arm is 8 feet long..
id: 14280
A long exposure of Mel sitting on her car
id: 14281
This picture was really just to charge up her glow in the dark shirt
id: 14282
Wiki crawls around on Mel's dad
id: 14283
It's only slightly disturbing..
id: 14284
My new room configuration
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