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07/05/06 - Fun at ITS, wandering campus with a zoomed lens, and following animals

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id: 14285
Someone knocked the barrier down
id: 14286
Melvin shakes his fist at someone
id: 14287
That stupid Mac
id: 14288
Melvin loves coffee
id: 14289
Nugget looks skeptical of.. cameras?
id: 14290
There's no old media lab, it's the lab for new media
id: 14291
Why are you so suspicious, Nugget?
id: 14292
I caught Matt off guard
id: 14293
Sounds reasonable to me
id: 14294
Matt explains.. something
id: 14295
I somehow caught him off guard again!
id: 14296
Hanging out at work
id: 14297
Melvin mans the help desk
id: 14298
A neat little foam car on Sharon's desk
id: 14299
Hey look! Melvin's having fun!
id: 14300
Nugget gives another suspicious look through the door
id: 14301
Neat lines from mowing the lawn
id: 14302
id: 14303
Atomic models in the science building
id: 14304
Whatever you say
id: 14305
The new tanks are almost done being installed
id: 14306
Soon all the heavy equpiment will be gone
id: 14307
With the crazy zoom, I "walked" right up to this guy
id: 14308
Another worker cleaning up
id: 14309
This guy is a hardcore fan
id: 14310
The San Andreas poster on my window
id: 14311
Someone spraypainted Ghandi on the back of a street sign
id: 14312
Some construction outside Estabrook
id: 14313
That weird tree outside the Little Center
id: 14314
Going up?
id: 14315
A flag in the distance
id: 14316
Some workers down the block
id: 14317
Sanford Hall
id: 14318
This ball looks angry
id: 14319
This wire setup looks pretty sketchy
id: 14320
Johnson Hall
id: 14321
Some fire... thing
id: 14322
The Downing St sign is all bent
id: 14323
A flower on supermacro mode
id: 14324
A flower with a blurry background
id: 14325
Parking garage
id: 14326
This doesn't look good..
id: 14327
The man is watching!
id: 14328
A bird!
id: 14329
Birds are hard to photograph
id: 14330
Some gross mushrooms
id: 14331
id: 14332
The view through my mailbox
id: 14333
The mailroom
id: 14334
My favorite kind of vending machine
id: 14335
Some tables outside
id: 14336
Tools in Tilton hall
id: 14337
Those stupid hexagons
id: 14338
The Grind sign
id: 14339
I found this gross thing in the cafeteria
id: 14340
What is this thing?
id: 14341
ITS, this way!
id: 14342
The intern is trying to sleep again
id: 14343
A squirrel!
id: 14344
A squirrel.. up close!
id: 14345
I've been spotted
id: 14346
Shaheen on the Green!
id: 14347
A fish in China Lantern
id: 14348
Fish don't like me
id: 14349
Hi fish
id: 14350
Cacti in China Lantern
id: 14351
Some creepy statue across the street
id: 14352
I don't think this is a ladybug.. but almost
id: 14353
Another shot of the mystery bug
id: 14354
The mysterious refridgerated yellow bottle at China Lantern
id: 14355
Quiet House, my home for the summer
id: 14356
Another squirrel!
id: 14357
He's on to me
id: 14358
He's getting ready to leave
id: 14359
This squirrel is lying down!
id: 14360
All the construction workers are gone for the day
id: 14361
The almost buried tank
id: 14362
id: 14363
id: 14364
Flower, lower exposure
id: 14365
Flower, higher exposure
id: 14366
"It's beer! Hooray beer!"
id: 14367
A bird taking off
id: 14368
Another squirrel running away
id: 14369
He doesn't know what to think of me
id: 14370
id: 14371
The squirrel peeks up at me
id: 14372
He found something to eat
id: 14373
He still doesn't know what to do about me
id: 14374
Bye squirrel
id: 14375
The construction site from above
id: 14376
My secret desk area
id: 14377
A pile of crap in a stairwell in the library
id: 14378
Estabrook's satellite dish
id: 14379
People bent the metal on this light to write stuff
id: 14380
Another squirrel!
id: 14381
Up close and personal
id: 14382
This kid wanted me to take his picture
id: 14383
The squirrel was yelling at me
id: 14384
This thing was kind of neat
id: 14385
Danger Will Robinson!
id: 14386
A new challenge: birds
id: 14387
A bird and a squirrel. Wow.
id: 14388
This squirrel was ready to panic
id: 14389
He decided to leave
id: 14390
The sign outside quiet house
id: 14391
Some stupid birds
id: 14392
Another bird
id: 14393
Does this count?
id: 14394
Due to a featureless wall, this panorama didn't come out so great, but you get the idea.
id: 14395
The library as seen from Estabrook
id: 14396
Bizarre drawings on Matt's whiteboard. "I'd erase her but I'm afraid she'll kill me in my sleep"
id: 14397
A 360 outside Sanford
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