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07/06/06 - Dog at ITS, ants, weird hallways in Sackler, construction, Maywood, and Dana Commons kitchen

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id: 14398
id: 14399
Atlas was a good dog
id: 14400
He looked a little sad though
id: 14401
He mostly just looked around
id: 14402
This squirrel is digging for something..
id: 14403
Run little ant!
id: 14404
Two ants briefly meet up
id: 14405
This one was a little blurry but helped convey how fast he was moving for his size
id: 14406
More construction outside of Atwood
id: 14407
Some pipes
id: 14408
id: 14409
Inside.. outside..
id: 14410
Pipes in an underground hallway
id: 14411
Longer exposure
id: 14412
The pipes go on for a while
id: 14413
This looks like a fun room
id: 14414
I found a big passageway in the wall about 8 feet up. I set my camera for a 15 second exposure with high sensitivity and put it up there. Looks interesting..
id: 14415
The hallway between the two auditorium-style classrooms
id: 14416
A weird machine
id: 14417
I think it's a projector
id: 14418
An oscilloscope
id: 14419
A flash image of the oscilloscope
id: 14420
Some more neat machinery up close
id: 14421
I'll keep that in mind..
id: 14422
I decided not to try the side door to the science library..
id: 14423
I could see through the whole building from the stairwell
id: 14424
The somewhat sparse fridge in the Math Common Room
id: 14425
A neat shot with a tree and some clouds
id: 14426
The bio building.. and grass!
id: 14427
Focus on the grass..
id: 14428
Focus on the bio building
id: 14429
This is a picture of the new dorm building
id: 14430
It was painfully obvious that the people in it were Photoshopped
id: 14431
A small airplane flew overhead
id: 14432
New dorm construction
id: 14433
Looks like the foundation is mostly ready
id: 14434
I guess these are used to support... stuff?
id: 14435
Neato cloud
id: 14436
I guess that doesn't include me
id: 14437
Oh the things I could flatten with one of these
id: 14438
A passing airplane
id: 14439
id: 14440
A big ole' rock
id: 14441
A pidgeon
id: 14442
Some cups left outside
id: 14443
The outside our suite
id: 14444
In the bathroom of our suite
id: 14445
Mel and Laura's room
id: 14446
Mike and Bryce/John's room
id: 14447
Me on the phone with Mel in the common room
id: 14448
An RA room
id: 14449
It's like they live in the common room
id: 14450
A lot of paint was on the second floor
id: 14451
The moon with two passenger jets going by
id: 14452
Some protest graffiti on Hughes
id: 14453
The moon behind a tree
id: 14454
Kosher area only
id: 14455
If it was so profitable why did they have to get rid of it!
id: 14456
Funny moonlight menu 1/4
id: 14457
Funny moonlight menu 2/4
id: 14458
Funny moonlight menu 3/4
id: 14459
Funny moonlight menu 4/4
id: 14460
A lower exposure picture of the moooooon
id: 14461
Some.. random shot of Carlson
id: 14462
I was trying to get a pano of the clouds, but I should've finished off the building..
id: 14463
New dorm construction
id: 14464
Empty common room
id: 14465
Our room from last year
id: 14466
Right behind the counter at the Moonlight
id: 14467
The far corner in the kitchen of the Moonlight
id: 14468
Some pipes in what seems to be a boiler room
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