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07/08/06 - ConnectiCon 2006! Lots of cosplay pictures, and hanging out with Mel and Sketch

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id: 14502
I thought this sign was funny because the "D" in "INDIAN" is obviously a mangled "P"
id: 14503
Mel at a rest stop
id: 14504
Just for reference..
id: 14505
My, what an odd looking tree
id: 14506
Mmm, sodey
id: 14507
Mel's got a Batman shirt
id: 14508
I'm not sure why she was making this face
id: 14509
We decided to get breakfast at Papa Gino's
id: 14510
Ah, pizza. The breakfast of champions
id: 14511
This girl kept turning around and giving someone a dirty look, so I took her picture
id: 14512
Hey! That's where we want to go!
id: 14513
This road is straight
id: 14514
id: 14515
We got lost and ended up at the Expo Center, which was apparently closed and.. abandoned..
id: 14516
We knew we were in the right area when we saw these guys
id: 14517
This guy drove a funny little car around the parking lot and gave us a ride
id: 14518
Mel's having fun on the tiny car
id: 14519
There he goes!
id: 14520
Looks like we found it!
id: 14521
Major Armstrong! Complete with sparkles!
id: 14522
Ug, the registration line
id: 14523
The line went on for a while
id: 14524
These guys were filiming a documentary or something
id: 14525
Sailor Moon
id: 14526
Nice camera
id: 14527
I saw this through the window
id: 14528
Do you see the fnords?
id: 14529
id: 14530
This was a really well made costume
id: 14531
Link and.. someone walking towards the con
id: 14532
Mel holds up her registration form
id: 14533
This was the scariest thing I've ever seen
id: 14534
Ohhh man
id: 14535
id: 14536
This guy was hilarious, he kept the line in order
id: 14537
Hey, I know that con
id: 14538
Even Carl got off his couch to come to Connecticon
id: 14539
Ahhh! Run!
id: 14540
...people were walking around
id: 14541
I knew I should've worn my Anime Boston Staff shirt!
id: 14542
The FMA group poses
id: 14543
Hughes, and the Hawkeyes
id: 14544
These guys had really great costumes
id: 14545
This Hughes even found pictures of his "daughter"!
id: 14546
A well done Greed
id: 14547
Great job guys
id: 14548
The badge art was done by Hawk from AppleGeeks
id: 14549
The dealer's room
id: 14550
There was all sorts of crap to buy
id: 14551
People like buying crapp
id: 14552
Anko takes a break from shopping to pose for a picture
id: 14553
Haha! NERO was there!
id: 14554
Oops, an overexposed Joker
id: 14555
Nice Gundam!
id: 14556
I found that Sora!
id: 14557
Hey, I know that rabbit...
id: 14558
Neato chain mail
id: 14559
I don't know what this guy's deal was
id: 14560
That is a huge syringe
id: 14561
Mel and Sketch look at.. something
id: 14562
Bye rabbit!
id: 14563
Auron from Final Fantasy X
id: 14564
It takes a lot of guts to wear an all spandex suit to a con..
id: 14565
Mel's new shirt
id: 14566
Mel puts her shirt on
id: 14567
Shirt designed by Sketch, crazy face designed by Mel
id: 14568
This guy wants nothing to do with that huge gun
id: 14569
Seras and a random Hellsing soldier. Great costumes!
id: 14570
The Sims!
id: 14571
This guy was swinging this stick around a lot
id: 14572
Mel looking at people standing around
id: 14573
Dark Vash?
id: 14574
Playing with zoom..
id: 14575
Mel poses with.. herself?
id: 14576
Checking out the program
id: 14577
Star Wars guy is on break
id: 14578
A really great Aeris cosplayer, too bad I never found her again..
id: 14579
Kakashi and Pakkun
id: 14580
Rock Lee gets ready for battle
id: 14581
Oh no! Look out Rock Lee!
id: 14582
Damn you Akatsuki!
id: 14583
This picture seems unlikely in the Naruto universe
id: 14584
Kankuro is just chilling
id: 14585
Ninja pyramid!
id: 14586
Graboid man! ..well, that's what I call him
id: 14587
Sasuke poses too
id: 14588
The guys on the bottom weren't all that happy
id: 14589
Badger girl! Hooraaaay badger girl!
id: 14590
Cool costume
id: 14591
Oh great.. it's DOKool
id: 14592
This woman was selling hats and dumped them all out so Mel could pick one
id: 14593
Hat #1 (she went with this one)
id: 14594
Hat #2
id: 14595
Hey, it's Winry
id: 14596
The FMA guys goofing off
id: 14597
Strike a pose!
id: 14598
These guys were like this all day
id: 14599
A great Temari. She put a lot of work into this. (The hair was especially impressive)
id: 14600
Oh no! I caught her blinking! Oh well
id: 14601
The Armstrong from earlier takes his turn in the NERO battle ring
id: 14602
Voldo! Great costume, but super creepy
id: 14603
Voldo watches the other cosplayers
id: 14604
Another FMA photoshoot
id: 14605
I love the giant stuffed Al
id: 14606
I took a lot of pictures of these guys..
id: 14607
Haha, I'm running out of things to say in the caption
id: 14608
Whenever they saw a passing FMA character they made them join the group
id: 14609
Ah! homunculi? Who knows..
id: 14610
Ed and Envy.. or maybe Wrath goof off
id: 14611
Winry, Ed, and Al
id: 14612
Another passerby gets roped into this photoshoot
id: 14613
All the costumes were really well done
id: 14614
Another great Hughes, complete with pictures
id: 14615
One Hawkeye... twoHawkeyes!?
id: 14616
More FMA photoshoot
id: 14617
People just kept joining up
id: 14618
Another Ed has appeared!
id: 14619
Alright, that's enough of you guys
id: 14620
Now I'm at the Naruto photoshoot
id: 14621
What are these Akatsuki up to?
id: 14622
Sing it with me! "The Akatsuki bunch..."
id: 14623
Graboid man!
id: 14624
A huge group photo of Naruto characters
id: 14625
Great job guys!
id: 14626
Rock Lee strikes a pose
id: 14627
This Akatsuki girl suddenly went after Sasuke
id: 14628
She had to be restrained
id: 14629
Hold her back!
id: 14630
Naruto thought it was funny
id: 14631
Hey, put your mask on!
id: 14632
Gaara's worst nightmare
id: 14633
Sasuke, Sakura, an Anko
id: 14634
Everyone gathers around Kakashi
id: 14635
Voldo strikes a pose again
id: 14636
Great job man, but oh man is it creepy
id: 14637
Back to the FMA photoshoot
id: 14638
OK, I really have fun out of things to say about these guys
id: 14639
Ed's got some buddies apparently
id: 14640
They were there for a long time
id: 14641
Flash mode
id: 14642
Ed seems pretty psyched
id: 14643
Cool costume
id: 14644
These guys were pretty into it
id: 14645
Batch to Sketch's table
id: 14646
"I still hadn't been promoted to 'box'"
id: 14647
Mel and Sketch talk about cons
id: 14648
Lulu from Final Fantasy X
id: 14649
id: 14650
Mel looks around #1
id: 14651
Mel looks around #2
id: 14652
Mel looks around #3
id: 14653
Sketch looks around
id: 14654
Hey look! It's Greg Dean from Real Life Comics!
id: 14655
He drew on one of my business cards
id: 14656
Thanks for the banner art, Greg!
id: 14657
Ian from Mac Hall does a sketch for me
id: 14658
Ian and Matt from Mac Hall!
id: 14659
Ian sketching
id: 14660
Asuka and a friend
id: 14661
Uhoh, Asuka's spotted me
id: 14662
Ian McConville's sketch
id: 14663
Ash and Misty!
id: 14664
A clearer shot of Greg Dean's drawing
id: 14665
A Jedi fight!
id: 14666
Neato light sabers
id: 14667
Hey, that's supposed to be Artists' Alley!
id: 14668
I found Badger Girl again!
id: 14669
Mel with her spiffy new hat
id: 14670
ConnectiCon's mascot, also the Belldandy with expanding wings from AB04
id: 14671
Some kind of crazy fight going on here..
id: 14672
They're fighting with fans!
id: 14673
A lunge!
id: 14674
The real Al wouldn't make a good pillow
id: 14675
More weird fighting
id: 14676
A bunch of Naruto and Bleach cosplayers
id: 14677
That's a big sword
id: 14678
The Naruto group hangs out
id: 14679
Akatsuki strikes!
id: 14680
They somehow found this plug and were playing Naruto themesongs
id: 14681
What's down there?
id: 14682
Look out Sasuke!
id: 14683
The Naruto bunch hangs out
id: 14684
Looking at Graboid Man
id: 14685
Ninja Hokey Pokey?
id: 14686
This was hard to photograph..
id: 14687
Jutsu symbols!
id: 14688
Fun fun
id: 14689
Another shot of the circle
id: 14690
Some Bleach characters get in on the action
id: 14691
Everyone summons stuff!
id: 14692
Playing with the zoom
id: 14693
There was some weird bass fishing con downstairs..
id: 14694
Some Star Wars guys
id: 14695
Greg looks surprised
id: 14696
Greg signed a copy of his book for me
id: 14697
My nice shiny new Real Life Comics book
id: 14698
Thanks, Greg!
id: 14699
The folks on Artists' Alley were hard at work
id: 14700
I bought a Quidditch ball from the Mac Hall guys
id: 14701
Look! It lights up!
id: 14702
Sketch drew this for Mel
id: 14703
This costume was awesome
id: 14704
She even put it on for me!
id: 14705
Haha, thanks Sketch...
id: 14706
More Star Wars guys
id: 14707
This guy didn't look too enthusiastic
id: 14708
DOKool bothering the Anime Boston people
id: 14709
Wow! An actual staffer! "Why is everyone taking my picture??"
id: 14710
Duck Duck Goose!
id: 14711
Run run run!
id: 14712
Asuka and Rei, take one
id: 14713
Asuka and Rei, take two. You can't really tell from my crappy picture but these costumes were incredible
id: 14714
id: 14715
A longer exposure of the game room
id: 14716
Lots of screens
id: 14717
The game room was pretty sweet
id: 14718
They even had legit computers!
id: 14719
Can anyone tell me what game this is?
id: 14720
DDR... blurry mode!
id: 14721
A stream of arrows
id: 14722
This guy was pretty good, but he was using two hands (on the keyboard)
id: 14723
Green girl
id: 14724
Sketch caught in the act
id: 14725
He had a huge bag of these
id: 14726
Sketch's business card
id: 14727
An impressive Rikku
id: 14728
Mel gives me a weird look
id: 14729
Sketch and Mel... hard at work.
id: 14730
This guy was leaving the panel.. I don't think he was actually running it
id: 14731
There was, in fact, no pie eating contest.
id: 14732
These guys were waiting for a panel to start
id: 14733
Hey, it's Patrick!
id: 14734
See? Patrick
id: 14735
Sketch and Mel hanging out
id: 14736
Patrick tries to figure out who Mel is when she doesn't have blue hair
id: 14737
Patrick's ridiculously small tripod
id: 14738
Chain mail is fun
id: 14739
id: 14740
The guy next to Sketch made this awesome chain mail ball. There was something in the middle so it worked like a bell
id: 14741
More chain mail stuff
id: 14742
This shirt was going for $500. It took him two months to make
id: 14743
Closeup on the shirt
id: 14744
More neato stuff
id: 14745
Hey, it's like that earring James had
id: 14746
A cool necklace
id: 14747
Kiey from Abstract Gender! Too bad I didn't get a better picture..
id: 14748
Patrick interviewing Sketch
id: 14749
Sketch looks distressed
id: 14750
This is for a video podcast on the Chibi Project
id: 14751
Nice camera, Patrick
id: 14752
Now Mel's getting interviewed
id: 14753
Go, Patrick, Go
id: 14754
A headband designed by Sketch
id: 14755
Anime ducks!
id: 14756
This is a great idea
id: 14757
Naruto duck!
id: 14758
Strongbad duck! Mel actually bought this guy later
id: 14759
Krillin duck
id: 14760
Vegeta duck, a work in progress
id: 14761
Only $12 each! Go and buy them!
id: 14762
Creepy Tien duck
id: 14763
A very tall sword makes it's way through the crowd
id: 14764
Insert Jaws theme here...
id: 14765
Some links and a guy with keyblades
id: 14766
Ian McConville again
id: 14767
Sana's mom again! I see her every year at Anime Boston
id: 14768
Mel was in charge of Sketch's table for a little while..
id: 14769
Morlock makes an appearance
id: 14770
That guy with the soda tab armor! I think I saw him at NERO
id: 14771
Everyone gathers around a computer monitor to watch AMVs
id: 14772
I'm so glad the Cheat is not dead
id: 14773
The sign reads "Looking for fanboys"
id: 14774
This link was a really impressive flautist
id: 14775
I stuck some really bad comics on Sketch's back
id: 14776
This one was shot so you could read one...
id: 14777
Mel turns around
id: 14778
Bye Sketch! Thanks for letting us hang out!
id: 14779
ConnecitCon is over for us!
id: 14780
Mel / A-chan says goodbye to ConnectiCon in her own special way
id: 14781
This elevator seems so pointless
id: 14782
Haha, I know what they were up to...
id: 14783
id: 14784
Not bad!
id: 14785
Some people waiting in line
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