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07/18/06 - People at ITS, construction, and awesome squirrel pictures

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id: 14809
Melvin got caught by the rubber band police
id: 14810
Oh noes!
id: 14811
He's free!
id: 14812
Michael, one of my bosses
id: 14813
Note the mobius strip hanging from the shelf..
id: 14814
I changed Melvin's "Punch in/out" sign to see if he'd notice
id: 14815
Jim, another guy from ITS
id: 14816
Matt always looks surprised in these pictures
id: 14817
I drew a hypercube on Matt's whiteboard
id: 14818
Matt's ITS mascot, the eye!
id: 14819
Dave and Matt in the hallway
id: 14820
Anthony, another of my bosses
id: 14821
id: 14822
Mel came by for an Indiana Jones marathon
id: 14823
Space Shuttle Discovery landed succesfully after a nearly flawless mission
id: 14824
"Why do they have a quick release thing if they also screw it in?"
id: 14825
Box o laptops, aka the mobile classroom
id: 14826
Testing laptops
id: 14827
Lookee what I made
id: 14828
Anthony and Michael discuss network issues
id: 14829
A sign on the door to Anthony's office
id: 14830
My feet with the lens cap swinging freely
id: 14831
This squirrel's getting away from me
id: 14832
"What's he up to?"
id: 14833
"What's this thing?"
id: 14834
Construction equipment
id: 14835
So dirty
id: 14836
The shovel
id: 14837
Thanks in the ground
id: 14838
The top of a tank
id: 14839
The front of that machine
id: 14840
Some doofy roof they put over a door into Jefferson
id: 14841
Quiet House
id: 14842
This squirrel is lying down on a bench!
id: 14843
What a weird thing for a squirrel to do
id: 14844
id: 14845
Bench time is over
id: 14846
Squirrel confrontation!
id: 14847
id: 14848
A very suspicious squirrel
id: 14849
Another confrontation begins
id: 14850
That one on the left just wants to eat
id: 14851
The fight is about to begin!!
id: 14852
Ahhhh run!
id: 14853
Up the tree!
id: 14854
This squirrel spotted me and stopped in his tracks
id: 14855
Running around the tree
id: 14856
Trying to look big in front of the other squirrels
id: 14857
"Any food over here?"
id: 14858
A squirrel gets closer
id: 14859
"Is that a guy on that bench?"
id: 14860
Squirrels are funny
id: 14861
Peaceful foraging..
id: 14862
Peaceful for now.. but who knows when another fight will break out
id: 14863
"Hey wait... that guy has food!"
id: 14864
"I could have his food!"
id: 14865
"Get away!!"
id: 14866
This guy found some... food...
id: 14867
That's a lame excuse for a poofy tail
id: 14868
These guys were always hanging out together
id: 14869
I moved closer and they moved farther away
id: 14870
Get back over here you jerk
id: 14871
Whoa! This one got really close!
id: 14872
Time for a closeup photo shoot!
id: 14873
He kept looking up when the shutter made noise
id: 14874
"What's that guy doing??"
id: 14875
Getting closer....
id: 14876
This is as close as he got, about 5 feet away
id: 14877
Making up his mind about me..
id: 14878
He doesn't like what he sees
id: 14879
Back up the tree!!
id: 14880
He kept looking at me
id: 14881
He'd move a little, look at me, move a little, look at me
id: 14882
He went up and down the tree a few times
id: 14883
Still trying to figure me out
id: 14884
Looking at other squirrels
id: 14885
"What are they up to?"
id: 14886
Still eyeing me
id: 14887
He's kind of skinny from the side
id: 14888
"Is it safe to come back down?"
id: 14889
Slowly turning around..
id: 14890
I guess he's deemed me an acceptable risk
id: 14891
Move a few feet.. look at me.. repeat
id: 14892
How can he stand like that?
id: 14893
Come on dude, it's ok!
id: 14894
He was only on the ground for a few seconds before heading back for the tree
id: 14895
id: 14896
They just hold onto the tree like it's nothing
id: 14897
Most of the squirrel
id: 14898
Slightly zoomed out...
id: 14899
I think this squirrel has something wrong with his legs, he's always lying down
id: 14900
He came back down on a different tree!
id: 14901
Yes, squirrel, I'm still here
id: 14902
Slowly making his way down the tree
id: 14903
Sure, just walk down a wall.. you crazy squirrel
id: 14904
He was a very cautious squirrel
id: 14905
The guy from the grass came closer
id: 14906
He had some food in his mouth
id: 14907
He wasn't sure about me either
id: 14908
He was more cautious than the first squirrel
id: 14909
Stupid branch in the stupid way
id: 14910
Eating in the tree is safer
id: 14911
What's he got?
id: 14912
Just for comparison.. this is a non-zoomed picture. This is what the old camera could do
id: 14913
This is what the new camera can do
id: 14914
Zoomed about half way
id: 14915
Zoomed only a little
id: 14916
I saw this one on the way back
id: 14917
An experiment with zoomed panoramas. Be warned, this image is pretty huge
id: 14918
A slightly zoomed 360 makes for a thinner strip, but more detail
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