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08/03/06 - Long exposures, fish, and fun with furniture in Dana

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id: 15272
Spirals with my cell phone
id: 15273
Circle and plus?
id: 15274
Tic Tac Toe!
id: 15275
USB light thing
id: 15276
More USB light thing
id: 15277
A ribbon of light
id: 15278
A green LED and lots of circles
id: 15279
Happy LED!
id: 15280
Mmm, fish for dinner
id: 15281
The cabinets in our room
id: 15282
A mirror!
id: 15283
Our phone number
id: 15284
One of the awesome subs from Oliver's. It doesn't look so great in a flash picture, but oh man..
id: 15285
Disassembled beds
id: 15286
Bunk bed prepped for raising
id: 15287
I set it up sideways first
id: 15288
I used the mattresses to top it from sliding along the ground and force it to tilt
id: 15289
Tadaaa, bunked beds!
id: 15290
The room when I found it
id: 15291
The cabinets
id: 15292
The door isn't really that bendy
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