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08/05/06 - Trip to Canobie with Mel (her first trip!), Muffie, and the CanobieFan himself: James. Pics of Mo too.

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id: 15293
Mel drives from Worcester
id: 15294
Hey look! We found 95 North!
id: 15295
Radio towers
id: 15296
More radio towers
id: 15297
One of those neat changing billboards with a Canobie ad
id: 15298
The car hit a bump right as I took this so I missed a big chunk of the sign
id: 15299
I caught it as we drove by
id: 15300
James was in Emo mode
id: 15301
Mel tied James' tie for him
id: 15302
Why do all girls know how to tie ties?
id: 15303
James adjusts his tie
id: 15304
There you go
id: 15305
Mel's having fun already
id: 15306
Whoops, still on indoors camera settings. Ah well
id: 15307
Haha, why would a real estate company have a space shuttle on their sign!?
id: 15308
"Stop taking pictures of me while I'm driving!"
id: 15309
James in the rear view mirror
id: 15310
It's a tarp!
id: 15311
We made it!
id: 15312
Information on the Yankee Cannonball
id: 15313
Mel's freaked out
id: 15314
James looks like he's having fun
id: 15315
Cannonball line
id: 15316
Muffie's just setting herself up for a sunburn
id: 15317
An overexposed shot of the Cannonball lift hill
id: 15318
The ride op
id: 15319
There goes one train
id: 15320
James hates this pictures
id: 15321
There go some more people!
id: 15322
Mel thinks she's cool with these shades
id: 15323
James is excited!!
id: 15324
It's almost the top of the lift hill!!
id: 15325
Mel is considerably less... crazy
id: 15326
Time to start recording video
id: 15327
James taking some sneaky shots of the Canobie paint shop
id: 15328
Normally he just puts his arm and camera through a small gap and takes pictutres blindly...
id: 15329
Boston Teaparty wave
id: 15330
Ahhh, everybody run away!
id: 15331
I was right in the wave zone when I took these pictures, so I had to shoot and run
id: 15332
Mel, Muffie, and James wait in the
id: 15333
Still not their turn
id: 15334
Can you tell it's a wave?
id: 15335
Going up the lift hill! James wanted to sit in the front so he sat with two random girls
id: 15336
James with the random girls
id: 15337
Please face forward
id: 15338
Whoops, mistimed the shot. I got James and Muffie though!
id: 15339
id: 15340
Now they're all wet
id: 15341
Muffie and Mel had fun!
id: 15342
Mel has never been on the Turkish Twist..
id: 15343
Mel's in for a surprise...
id: 15344
"Do you puke on these things?" "I don't know" "...*edges away*"
id: 15345
It's like that scene in Contact!
id: 15346
Enter the matrix..
id: 15347
James holds his face on
id: 15348
Muffie and Rob in line for the Corkscrew
id: 15349
James pulls a somewhat reluctant rob up the ramp
id: 15350
A train going by
id: 15351
Uhoh, I've been spotted
id: 15352
Rob shows off the "skunk" ?
id: 15353
Time to keep moving
id: 15354
Another train goes by
id: 15355
Getting the settings just right is tricky
id: 15356
Hey, I was bored
id: 15357
Mel is not amused
id: 15358
id: 15359
Mel points to her ear?
id: 15360
Cool cool glasses
id: 15361
Hi Mel!
id: 15362
id: 15363
The caterpillar in action
id: 15364
Look at it go
id: 15365
Skater, one of the new rides at Canobie
id: 15366
I've always wanted to ride a giant skateboard
id: 15367
Not really though
id: 15368
Look at it go
id: 15369
Mel waits in line for the Psychodrome
id: 15370
She doesn't know what's she's in for
id: 15371
James on the caterpillar
id: 15372
Rob peeks over the top of the seat
id: 15373
James took a video of me!
id: 15374
James... screaming!
id: 15375
I dont' think he's really that scared
id: 15376
Mel confronts the superflash once again
id: 15377
"You can't out-camp-counselor me!" says Mel
id: 15378
Rob left to go hang out with his other friends
id: 15379
That's not the LM!
id: 15380
This guy had sad pants
id: 15381
James waiting for Starblaster to start
id: 15382
Hi guys!
id: 15383
Waiting for the launch..
id: 15384
Getting closer..
id: 15385
Taken on the way down. Looked like fun!
id: 15386
Oldies was there for some reason
id: 15387
Giving away stuff..
id: 15388
There was a lot of smoke coming out of this building
id: 15389
But it was supposed to have smoke come out of it
id: 15390
This guy had "Park Photographer" on his shirt so I took his pictures and said "Now you're the Park Photographee!!"
id: 15391
That guy was there for hours...
id: 15392
The big rotating hamburger
id: 15393
A new rotating thing.. Betty Boop!
id: 15394
The records from Rockin' Rider!
id: 15395
Mel imitates Betty Boop
id: 15396
Good job Mel
id: 15397
Frisbee sounds interesting
id: 15398
James stands where the Rockin' Rider's station used to be.
id: 15399
Getting on the train
id: 15400
Now we're moving
id: 15401
James told me to stop taking pictures of him..
id: 15402
Mel's like "Don't you point that thing at me, don't you point that thing at me"
id: 15403
James is sick of pictures
id: 15404
"Oh god!"
id: 15405
Muffie doesn't care
id: 15406
"The thing about trains is.."
id: 15407
id: 15408
Parts of Canobie's new ride: Frisbee
id: 15409
Frisbee parts
id: 15410
Frisbee parts
id: 15411
Frisbee parts
id: 15412
Frisbee parts
id: 15413
Frisbee parts
id: 15414
Frisbee parts
id: 15415
Frisbee parts
id: 15416
Frisbee parts
id: 15417
Frisbee parts
id: 15418
James takes pictures of the disassembled Frisbee for
id: 15419
Slightly longer exposure to blur the ground
id: 15420
The stupid train
id: 15421
At one point we hit warp speed
id: 15422
Mel's background was less interesting
id: 15423
Hey look! It's Canobie Lake!
id: 15424
Some guys on the lake
id: 15425
Taken from James' car in the parking lot... do you see him?
id: 15426
Superflash!! Ahh!!
id: 15427
My favorite scale
id: 15428
I've never actually used it
id: 15429
The log flume splashes down
id: 15430
We forgot to ride this! Sorry Mel!
id: 15431
Looks like they had fun
id: 15432
Mel plays some skiball
id: 15433
Go Mel go
id: 15434
Win a prize!
id: 15435
Last one!
id: 15436
Mel was pretty good!
id: 15437
id: 15438
This guy's cheating!
id: 15439
I forget what she got on this one
id: 15440
id: 15441
Blurry skiball
id: 15442
You can barely see the ball
id: 15443
So that's how these things work, Sketch is inside frantically drawing!
id: 15444
A creepy robot man
id: 15445
Outside the Mine of Lost Souls
id: 15446
This guy was driving a bathtub
id: 15447
I don't think he's actually a professor
id: 15448
Mel thinks the camera is way to close
id: 15449
Professor Uncanny takes a break to watch a different show
id: 15450
Mel on the phone
id: 15451
Ride controls
id: 15452
Ride ops
id: 15453
Some stupid show
id: 15454
A hilarious robot dude in the mine
id: 15455
A coffin
id: 15456
We're in egypt now?
id: 15457
I'm so afraid
id: 15458
We got snakes on a train!!
id: 15459
Want a head?
id: 15460
Super macro mode of Mel's eye
id: 15461
I found Nemo!
id: 15462
Me and Mel pose in front of the Canobie map
id: 15463
Mel somehow went from standing to falling over with no apparent cause
id: 15464
The worker at the exit
id: 15465
Just outside the gates
id: 15466
The moon
id: 15467
Some seagulls
id: 15468
A seagull
id: 15469
Another seagull
id: 15470
Muffie and Mel on the way back
id: 15471
Rob's excited for the Car Ride
id: 15472
Muffie meets the superflash
id: 15473
Mo looks bored with his life
id: 15474
Hi Mo!
id: 15475
He's like a carpet!
id: 15476
Mel on the phone
id: 15477
"What do you want??"
id: 15478
Bailey at her computer
id: 15479
Mo with his new crown!
id: 15480
Mo wants to get down now
id: 15481
No escape!
id: 15482
"I'm sick of this game"
id: 15483
Pretty pretty Mo
id: 15484
The Boston Teaparty. I'm not sure what's up with that blob in the middle
id: 15485
Most of the Yankee Cannonball
id: 15486
One of the loops in the Canobie Corkscrew
id: 15487
The Skater sign
id: 15488
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