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08/08/06 - Pictures from Mel's birthday. Hanging out at Mel's house, and the mall

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id: 16525
Mo looks so... glum
id: 16526
Hi Mo!
id: 16527
Cheer up!
id: 16528
Mel's on the phone
id: 16529
Check out Mo's crown
id: 16530
Mo's ready to leave
id: 16531
He hates this game
id: 16532
id: 16533
It's Mooooo
id: 16534
15 second exposure?
id: 16535
Like mother like daughter?
id: 16536
More 15 second exposures
id: 16537
What's even going on here?
id: 16538
Mel's got three heads
id: 16539
Mel's starting to freak me out now
id: 16540
Mel's dad got washed out by the window
id: 16541
id: 16542
Mel = Janus?
id: 16543
Wicked creepy... Mel moved her mouth for 15 seconds
id: 16544
15 second exposures are weird
id: 16545
Mel's mom meets the megaflash
id: 16546
id: 16547
id: 16548
Bailey's having fun
id: 16549
Hi Mel!
id: 16550
When I first heard about this place I thought it was "Cough and Cream"
id: 16551
We went to Worcester hoping to find Mel's birthday present in the mail
id: 16552
Big trucks taking up the road
id: 16553
Zoom = fun
id: 16554
We thought this dude was following us.. he wasn't
id: 16555
Mel sings a jaunty tune
id: 16556
Gas prices officially peaked on Mel's birthday
id: 16557
The big origami ball in the making
id: 16558
Mo is so slumpy
id: 16559
Opening presents!
id: 16560
id: 16561
For a tilting good time
id: 16562
What's in the envelope?
id: 16563
Mel's dad looks on
id: 16564
Bailey reads a card
id: 16565
Mel was moving around a lot
id: 16566
What's going on?
id: 16567
Mo is tired
id: 16568
"What's this check?"
id: 16569
Mel getting poked
id: 16570
Cards are funny
id: 16571
Mel's mom looks a little... expectant?
id: 16572
Mel's dad was poking her from outside the image
id: 16573
id: 16574
Checking out her new DVDs
id: 16575
Moar DVDs!
id: 16576
id: 16577
Mel got volume one of both The Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain
id: 16578
Opening a box
id: 16579
id: 16580
id: 16581
Very classy, Mel
id: 16582
Mel puts her hair back to try on her earrings
id: 16583
Earrings are funny?
id: 16584
Mel looks so... wary
id: 16585
Mel's her own gang
id: 16586
id: 16587
"Get away from me!"
id: 16588
Mel gives her dad a distrusting look
id: 16589
"Watchoo want"
id: 16590
A cool laundry bag with backpack straps
id: 16591
Aww, a kiss from her daddy
id: 16592
Who's gonna go to the They Might Be Giants 2040 tour?
id: 16593
Mel looks deep into Mo's eyes and sees that nobody is home
id: 16594
Aww, Mo
id: 16595
Bailey mangled a "Sweet Sixteen" sign into this. Good job!
id: 16596
On the way to the mall
id: 16597
Driving is funny
id: 16598
Magaret in the back!
id: 16599
A weird abandoned building
id: 16600
I took these pictures for Wacko
id: 16601
Hey Wacko, what do you think?
id: 16602
Should I go check it out?
id: 16603
It looks pretty sketchy
id: 16604
I think I'll pass
id: 16605
Weird blurry Mel
id: 16606
Walking through the parking garage
id: 16607
For some reason I thought this vending machine was neat
id: 16608
Walking to the restaraunt
id: 16609
Mel's dad is getting away
id: 16610
Mel's mom gives Margaret ordering advice?
id: 16611
id: 16612
Mel browses the menu
id: 16613
Fresh fish tacos!?
id: 16614
Talking about something..
id: 16615
This is a shiny spoon
id: 16616
id: 16617
Mel's mom tries her weird ice tea
id: 16618
Mel waits for her food
id: 16619
Mel's GIANT hamburger
id: 16620
Oh my god that is huge
id: 16621
Mel approves
id: 16622
Take a bite Mel!
id: 16623
id: 16624
By compressing it, she managed to get a big bite out of it
id: 16625
id: 16626
Mel's dad steals Bailey's shoe
id: 16627
Bailey gets her shoe back
id: 16628
Mel got a happy birthday message written on her plate!
id: 16629
The waiters even sang
id: 16630
Some guy actually tried to jump from one escalator to another... yeah... he died.
id: 16631
Mel and her dad have a staring contest
id: 16632
Just a bit creepy
id: 16633
id: 16634
Ah, the pirate section of the book store
id: 16635
I bought a new tripod..
id: 16636
And set it up in the car...
id: 16637
So I got some neat blurry light images
id: 16638
This is just warp speed 1
id: 16639
id: 16640
id: 16641
Whooooo light speed!
id: 16642
Lights are fun!
id: 16643
Now we're turning
id: 16644
It doesn't look that good when you're zoomed in
id: 16645
id: 16646
Turning on an exit
id: 16647
id: 16648
Traffic lights!
id: 16649
id: 16650
More traffic lights!
id: 16651
*pant* a brief *pant* break
id: 16652
Ahhh light speed again!!
id: 16653
id: 16654
The Future War [H]ouse? Hmm... not as big as the Pentagon
id: 16655
Good job Best Buy
id: 16656
Mel found We Love Katamari!
id: 16657
Bah, I need no HDTV to watch shuttle launches!
id: 16658
Mel found a bunch of copies of Reservoir Dogs
id: 16659
Mel likes this bunch
id: 16660
Mmmm, Reservoir Dogs
id: 16661
Kind of a strange store name...
id: 16662
Erin Esurance is in the Sims??
id: 16663
I'm the origami master
id: 16664
So lumpy
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