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08/12/06 - Lots of origami, Mel's car breaks down, shaving Mo, and generally just goofing off in RI

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id: 15489
Mel hugs the completed buckyball
id: 15490
Hmm, this pose seems familiar..
id: 15491
270 PHiZZ units
id: 15492
Not bad lighting..
id: 15493
I'm glad I decided to use some color
id: 15494
A closeup
id: 15495
It's pretty sturdy
id: 15496
With the Coke bottle for scale
id: 15497
A little overexposed..
id: 15498
We decided to play catch with it!
id: 15499
Careful guys!
id: 15500
Mel has turned into some sort of origami zombie!!
id: 15501
Trying to strike a pose while it's in the air..
id: 15502
Oops, too late
id: 15503
Mel can make things float
id: 15504
Mel hides behind her teddy bear
id: 15505
Watching TV
id: 15506
Can you tell they're related?
id: 15507
I had some extra pieces so I made an origami shoe
id: 15508
The katamari, before spikes
id: 15509
Another angle of the spikeless icosahedron
id: 15510
id: 15511
A huge inflatable dinosaur
id: 15512
Bailey found a notebook
id: 15513
Bailey pose!
id: 15514
"I love studying!!"
id: 15515
Mel checks out the whiteboard section
id: 15516
I forgot to take after pics, but whatever. Before haircut, hair down, front
id: 15517
Before haircut, hair down, side
id: 15518
Before haircur, hair down, back
id: 15519
Before haircut, hair up, front
id: 15520
Before haircut, hair up, side
id: 15521
Before haircut, hair up, back
id: 15522
Our gross order on the computer
id: 15523
Behold... the quadruple bacon cheeseburger
id: 15524
Mel fears it
id: 15525
The quad stacker, half gone
id: 15526
Mel's car is broken
id: 15527
Of course..
id: 15528
id: 15529
Mel seems somewhat... not surprised
id: 15530
Truly the king of burgers..
id: 15531
The one is the ad looks way better!!
id: 15532
Waiting for someone to help us out
id: 15533
Heyyy Mel
id: 15534
Waiting for Margaret
id: 15535
Is she over there?
id: 15536
Mel is not amused
id: 15537
Margaret's here!
id: 15538
Margaret will wait with us
id: 15539
Mel's parents arrive
id: 15540
Her dad seems to pleased
id: 15541
Margaret has some jumper cables!
id: 15542
Let's just stand around
id: 15543
Time to open the hood?
id: 15544
id: 15545
Yes, time to open the hood
id: 15546
Nothing looks really bad..
id: 15547
Or does it? I have no idea
id: 15548
Mel's dad tries to get his hood open
id: 15549
The hinge for the hood
id: 15550
It's open!
id: 15551
Mel's battery. Note the pieces of mouse nests
id: 15552
The battery again
id: 15553
Under the van's hood
id: 15554
Hooking up cables
id: 15555
Don't touch them together!
id: 15556
All hooked up
id: 15557
Uhohes, the cars are too far apart
id: 15558
Mel and Margaret were very helpful
id: 15559
Derrick, a mechanic, happened to be passing and helped us out
id: 15560
Hooking up the cables again
id: 15561
id: 15562
id: 15563
Connected at last
id: 15564
Derrick helps Mel try to start the car
id: 15565
Mel and Margaret hung out in the car
id: 15566
Derrick's nametag
id: 15567
Mel's mom checks out the engine
id: 15568
Mel's dad is having a blast
id: 15569
Calling AAA
id: 15570
We took up a lot of spaces at Burger King
id: 15571
AAA is going to come and tow it!
id: 15572
Waiting for the tow truck
id: 15573
Hanging out
id: 15574
Standing around
id: 15575
Mel is used to this kind of stuff
id: 15576
Margaret with her cables
id: 15577
Cables. Serious business.
id: 15578
Writing contact information
id: 15579
The car will be towed to his garage
id: 15580
Mel's dad stands nearby
id: 15581
Mel does a dance
id: 15582
Everyone's having a blast
id: 15583
Moving stuff to the van
id: 15584
This guy had car troubles too!
id: 15585
The tow truck is here!
id: 15586
Mel's back
id: 15587
Talking to the tow truck guy
id: 15588
Mel through out some trash
id: 15589
The tow truck
id: 15590
I keep accidentally typing "toe struck"
id: 15591
It's a party!
id: 15592
Lining it up...
id: 15593
The claw thing comes down
id: 15594
All lined up!
id: 15595
id: 15596
Mel watches the car get towed away
id: 15597
Two katamaris in my case
id: 15598
Pretty much the same picture..
id: 15599
I kept some paper behind them
id: 15600
Turkeys in Mel's yard!!
id: 15601
I went outside to get a clearer image but they rand away
id: 15602
Spikes for Topaz's katamari
id: 15603
The pre-spiked katamari
id: 15604
"TV is fun... nuh."
id: 15605
id: 15606
Topaz's katamari!
id: 15607
A closeup
id: 15608
id: 15609
Time to shave Mo
id: 15610
Mo doesn't know how to feel about this
id: 15611
Snip snip snip
id: 15612
id: 15613
Mo has so much fur
id: 15614
He was just hanging limp
id: 15615
Lots of Mo fur
id: 15616
Bailey wanted to make a pillow
id: 15617
Bailey holds him down in case he freaks out
id: 15618
Bailey is having fuuuhhnnn
id: 15619
Snip snip snip
id: 15620
Mo didn't really care
id: 15621
He struggled a little, but not really
id: 15622
Shaving Mo...
id: 15623
Hold him down...
id: 15624
Mo is sick of this game
id: 15625
Snip snips snip
id: 15626
Mo's stupid head
id: 15627
Gross! Cat dandruff!
id: 15628
We almost gave him a bath
id: 15629
Mel is a nice person
id: 15630
Pretty day
id: 15631
A nice looking road
id: 15632
More nice clouds
id: 15633
A bridge
id: 15634
Empire chinese buffet! Good stuff!
id: 15635
We ended up paying with a bunch of ones
id: 15636
Bailey gets her head pulled off
id: 15637
Mel gets struck with some sort of photon torpedo
id: 15638
Bailey is in no mood for pictures
id: 15639
id: 15640
I guess they're always open since they can't change the sign
id: 15641
id: 15642
Bailey in the back
id: 15643
Katamari cousins!!
id: 15644
So many cousins!
id: 15645
They're eating that baby!!
id: 15646
I took this by accident but it looks pretty cool
id: 15647
This is how we're rolling up the millino roses
id: 15648
Mo is all pakced and ready to go
id: 15649
You can't come Mo
id: 15650
Mo wants to come :(
id: 15651
Bailey's gross lens
id: 15652
id: 15653
Everyone loves Wikiw
id: 15654
Wiki sandwich?
id: 15655
Wiki is escaping!
id: 15656
Chill out Wiki
id: 15657
He's gotten a lot bigger
id: 15658
id: 15659
Hello WIki!
id: 15660
Old people make good drivers...
id: 15661
Look at him go
id: 15662
Another road
id: 15663
Driving driving driving
id: 15664
A big X in the sky! Neat contrails
id: 15665
id: 15666
H E L P me... make...this sign
id: 15667
Doughnut Inn II, the sequel
id: 15668
A weird t-shirt stand
id: 15669
This is how I move my stuff, in trash bags
id: 15670
Mel has replaced Elizabeth Rogers as the new RA
id: 15671
Mel has her own TV show!
id: 15672
Mel's new room!
id: 15673
id: 15674
The view from Mel's window
id: 15675
The view, with exposure set for clouds
id: 15676
You can see people in Maywood...
id: 15677
..and some goo coming off Dana
id: 15678
Mel's window seat but something's missing..
id: 15679
There we go, the seat is complete
id: 15680
id: 15681
No bed frames are necessary
id: 15682
I like how Mel stores her detergent
id: 15683
Making the bed
id: 15684
id: 15685
The car hooked up to the truck
id: 15686
Bye car
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