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08/13/06 - Fun in Rhode Island. Hanging out at Mel's house and the store

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id: 15709
My spiffy 3 liter water bottle
id: 15710
Mel's new planner
id: 15711
"Mel hate gas"
id: 15712
Bailey's got Twizzlers
id: 15713
Mel reaches a new low
id: 15714
Making katamari pieces
id: 15715
So many folds
id: 15716
"I love safety!!"
id: 15717
"I'm DOKool!"
id: 15718
It's that place with the food
id: 15719
Genetic engineering has given us so much
id: 15720
Someday, this will be how we buy babies
id: 15721
So much produce
id: 15722
That does not seem like a tasty treat
id: 15723
Oh noes!!
id: 15724
Mel's going shopping: A to Z
id: 15725
So much dairy
id: 15726
Do toothpicks really deserve their own spot on this sign?
id: 15727
How can you argue with such an insistent box?
id: 15728
I found some money... in my pocket
id: 15729
Mel poses with her summer namesake
id: 15730
This sounds... gross
id: 15731
Ah, the most controversial of the diets: The pet rabbit diet. So many crying children
id: 15732
The cereal with a lisp!
id: 15733
Coming next year: breakfast liposuction
id: 15734
This is just so... horrifying....
id: 15735
id: 15736
Uhoh, the Bailey alarm is going off
id: 15737
Somebody get some Vault or something quick
id: 15738
Playing with zoom, you can read Mel's electric meter's ID number!
id: 15739
I guess Cops is in Worcester
id: 15740
The awesome couch in "The Bailey Room"
id: 15741
Mel left me outside for a few minutes so I made this
id: 15742
This sliding door seems so totally pointless
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