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08/15/06 - Hanging out with Mel and Brandon

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id: 15687
Don't worry folks, Brandon just turned 21
id: 15688
Mel's eye
id: 15689
Brandon's crazy eyes
id: 15690
Brandon strains to be in the picture
id: 15691
My new monitors
id: 15692
They take up the entire desk
id: 15693
The new dorm under construction
id: 15694
It's coming along pretty quickly
id: 15695
Nice setup, Brandon
id: 15696
Bryce's awesome desk
id: 15697
This was also in Bryce's room
id: 15698
We found this in Bryce's closet... looks really safe
id: 15699
Playing with zoom
id: 15700
Fan blur
id: 15701
Blurry, but clearer, fan
id: 15702
Flash pic of the fan
id: 15703
Blurry fan
id: 15704
By using flash and a longer exposure, I got the fan blur, and a clear image of the fan at the same time
id: 15705
A zoomed in version of it
id: 15706
Nice pose, Brandon
id: 15707
While I was playing with the self-timer, Brandon had a stroke
id: 15708
New dorm under construction
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