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08/17/06 - Firewall exceptions, lots of fire extinguisters, and a bunch of panoramas of our new room

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id: 15743
Brandon's dad doesn't even use AOL, but look at his firewall exception list!
id: 15744
Something is suspicious about this..
id: 15745
Whoa, need some fire extinguishers
id: 15746
So many fire extinguishers
id: 15747
If I didn't already have one, I might have been tempted to take one
id: 15748
A view of our new room from down low
id: 15749
The view from the middle
id: 15750
And the view from about eye level
id: 15751
I adjusted this one so that the bed was in the same place as the other panos
id: 15752
I decided to share what a botched pano can look like
id: 15753
Pretty trippy huh?
id: 15754
Looks kind of like orbit's groundtrack
id: 15755
Outside Dana Hall
id: 15756
The window to our room. Come say hi!
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