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08/22/06 - Orthodontist, sprinklers, fire training with Mel, and the problem with living on the ground floor

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id: 16044
The light thing above the chair
id: 16045
This is the end....
id: 16046
id: 16047
Before braces, June 2001
id: 16048
Before braces, May 2001 (after pics are in the previous batch)
id: 16049
My grandmother gave me an ice cream bar!
id: 16050
Me and my aunt had to laugh when we found a bag of store bought cookies in my grandmother's cookie jar
id: 16051
id: 16052
Lots of mist
id: 16053
I was trying to capture individual droplets
id: 16054
Not bad!
id: 16055
My lens cap
id: 16056
An airplane landing
id: 16057
A Comanche helicopter!
id: 16058
Fire extinguishers
id: 16059
This is the fire the RAs had to put out
id: 16060
Look out, it's escaping!
id: 16061
One team suits up
id: 16062
They slowely approach the fire
id: 16063
The one in the middle doesn't look too psyched
id: 16064
The UP guy instructs the RAs
id: 16065
Get the fire extinguishers ready
id: 16066
id: 16067
Die fire!
id: 16068
The cloud disperses
id: 16069
Another blast
id: 16070
The fire was relit
id: 16071
Another round of chemicals
id: 16072
Used up fire extinguishers
id: 16073
Have some more!
id: 16074
The new RAs wait their turn
id: 16075
The cop's walky talky
id: 16076
Mmm, chemicals
id: 16077
The rock is partically obscured by the cloud
id: 16078
Try not to breath it...
id: 16079
Some other University Police came to watch the show
id: 16080
"Did someone call in a fire?"
id: 16081
Fire's out
id: 16082
Mel starts to suit up
id: 16083
Don't forget the helmet Mel!
id: 16084
Here you go
id: 16085
Someone helps Mel put her helmet on
id: 16086
Does this make is a Melmet?
id: 16087
All set!
id: 16088
This was shot in the middle of the video
id: 16089
Mel survived!
id: 16090
Time to give the suit back
id: 16091
Mel did pretty well!
id: 16092
The water fire extinguisher gets a shot
id: 16093
The UP guy shows us how it's done
id: 16094
It didn't work quite as well as the chemical one, but it's easier to clean up
id: 16095
Mel looks... skeptical... of something
id: 16096
A happy fire
id: 16097
Oh no! Chemicals!
id: 16098
id: 16099
Mel's photo on the bulletin board
id: 16100
Some sad looking ballons in Oliver's
id: 16101
This is one of the problems with having a ground level window
id: 16102
Did somebody order some Speech Champions?
id: 16103
James seems pretty excited about something
id: 16104
"Ahhh let me in!"
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