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08/23/06 - More fun with the zoom lens, pics taken from the lab, and a bunch of pictures of the Linux Lab

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id: 16105
Freshmen are everywhere in stupid little groups
id: 16106
Dude on the street
id: 16107
Constructuion workers on the new dorm
id: 16108
48x zoom thanks to the digital zoom
id: 16109
An overview of the work so far
id: 16110
Ginny and Liz watch as Jeff works on a problem
id: 16111
Gamakichi and my big headphones
id: 16112
I saw George sitting outside
id: 16113
Some guys sitting outside on break
id: 16114
Tom helps Jeff figure out the problem
id: 16115
Yep, that's where I am
id: 16116
Vladimir's crazy screensaver
id: 16117
Ginny, Jeff, and Tom
id: 16118
Jeff and Tom work on the problem
id: 16119
The back of the projector
id: 16120
Professor Breecher came by
id: 16121
He's the head up of the department
id: 16122
Hi Professor Breecher
id: 16123
Every one listens to what Prof. Breecher wants done
id: 16124
This was the second to last day so we had to move
id: 16125
Spears, the department's webserver.. named after Britney because it's a "sexy machine"
id: 16126
I did this by accident from across the room
id: 16127
Remember floppies?
id: 16128
This dude was just hanging out
id: 16129
The linux lab from the back
id: 16130
The linux lab from the front
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