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08/29/06 - Students finally move in, and a trip to Shaws for some supplies

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id: 16248
Bryce talks to McKeed on Skype
id: 16249
Bryce was on Brett's bed before Brett even got here
id: 16250
James seems pretty excited
id: 16251
id: 16252
Mel plays a jaunty tune on her ocarina
id: 16253
Mel, the RA, helps check people in with the other RAs
id: 16254
They got donuts!
id: 16255
People checking in
id: 16256
Mel's having a blast
id: 16257
Mel eating a donut
id: 16258
Some people with a bunch of crap
id: 16259
This was written on the wall
id: 16260
I thought this picture was really funny for some reason..
id: 16261
Facts about Chuck Norris
id: 16262
Facts about Chuck Norris
id: 16263
Facts about Chuck Norris
id: 16264
Facts about Chuck Norris
id: 16265
This guy's got a fridge on his back!
id: 16266
Bye fridge dude!
id: 16267
Brett's dad and brother
id: 16268
Brett's pirated DVD collection. It went missing shortly after this picture and (as of four days later) remains to be found
id: 16269
Brett uses the helicopter toy
id: 16270
The worst picture of Brett ever taken. Probably the worst that will ever be taken too.
id: 16271
id: 16272
Mike and Brett heading into Shaws
id: 16273
Mike had some of Reed's Ginger Beer, raspberry flavored
id: 16274
Another awesome picture of Brett being a doofus
id: 16275
Mel checks out the selection
id: 16276
Brett does not participate in shopping
id: 16277
...except for Jell-O
id: 16278
Shaws' fine software collection
id: 16279
Infinite Pepsiiiii
id: 16280
Infinite Coke!
id: 16281
Here comes Brett
id: 16282
As yes, the soda salad. A classic
id: 16283
Don't forget your greens: Vault, Mountain Dew, Canada Dry...
id: 16284
Very clever..
id: 16285
Mel in line
id: 16286
She seems somewhat alarmed
id: 16287
Hi Mel!
id: 16288
Mel and the gross cashier dude
id: 16289
Aww, he's got my name..
id: 16290
I probably should've helped her with her stuff rather than taking this picture..
id: 16291
Mike says "One of these things doesn't belong"
id: 16292
Mel driving
id: 16293
Brett in the back
id: 16294
Mike and Brett didn't call "shotgun" in time
id: 16295
id: 16296
Almost Maxwell's Silver Hammer
id: 16297
Chopstick Engrish
id: 16298
Chopstick Engrish
id: 16299
Chopstick Engrish
id: 16300
Chopstick Engrish
id: 16301
Brett checks out the T-shirts in Target
id: 16302
So much soda!!
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