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09/07/06 - Awesome desktop, reverse peephole, balloon animals, and Brandon

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id: 16445
An awesome desktop featuring the Swordfish from Cowboy Bebop
id: 16446
I reversed the peephole on our room and took this picture of Brett
id: 16447
Is this super creepy or what?
id: 16448
My frozen water balloon animal!
id: 16449
It's a doggy!
id: 16450
Closeup of the doggy's head
id: 16451
Brandon's got a pink llama
id: 16452
And a green necklace
id: 16453
I made a brain parasite for the llama
id: 16454
Since the parasite is on the back of the llama's head he doesn't notice. Brandon is freaked out by this whole situation
id: 16455
Mike uses our room for a t-shirt photoshoot for some eBaying
id: 16456
Brandon took this picture when I wasn't around
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