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09/19/06 - Clark James, Brandon, and Mike all hang out in our room

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id: 16665
James looks really insane here, like he's trying to eat his own head.
id: 16666
Waving a newspaper like crazy
id: 16667
Brandon... in a chair
id: 16668
James thinks something is funny
id: 16669
Nice face Brandon
id: 16670
Faces are funny
id: 16671
Halfway to one of Brandon's "crazy eye" looks
id: 16672
James does a crossword or something
id: 16673
Looks like it's time to paint my keyboard again..
id: 16674
Shut it!
id: 16675
Mike reads over their script for a skit
id: 16676
Nice shirt, Mike
id: 16677
Is that a grenade in his hand?
id: 16678
Focus on... foot!
id: 16679
Focus on... wall!
id: 16680
Like my schedule?
id: 16681
James needs a haircut
id: 16682
Why are you putting on my shirt?
id: 16683
I never button that shirt
id: 16684
Why does everyone think it's so funny to put my clothes on?
id: 16685
Mike's got my balloon pump
id: 16686
I thought this picture was funny because that dude's head is just floating in a sea of white
id: 16687
Brandon sure looks ponderous in MIke's glasses
id: 16688
I thought this picture was neat because of the blur
id: 16689
"Stocks are down?!"
id: 16690
Those aren't my pizzas I swear
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