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09/22/06 - Neato art in the Traina Center

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id: 16728
The view out the window from my desk
id: 16729
Some spirals hanging in the stairwell
id: 16730
The sign said "Please touch (gently!)"
id: 16731
They make strange noises
id: 16732
There are some wind chimes too
id: 16733
id: 16734
id: 16735
Whooo spiral!
id: 16736
More spirals!
id: 16737
Button art
id: 16738
It's a bit creepy..
id: 16739
The button art up close
id: 16740
More buttons!
id: 16741
These paintings were really impressive
id: 16742
Flower of Evil
id: 16743
Another cool acryllic painting
id: 16744
Some strange sculpture
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