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09/27/06 - Mel gets her first tattoo, and I was there to document it!

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id: 16766
Mel fills out the information packet
id: 16767
id: 16768
Go Mel go
id: 16769
Mel's allergies are pretty funny
id: 16770
Handing in the paperwork
id: 16771
Mel browses the collection to find one a batman symbol
id: 16772
Very clever, guys
id: 16773
Mel's psyched
id: 16774
Found it!
id: 16775
Mel's ready
id: 16776
Doug explains how it works
id: 16777
Mel's butt cheek is exposed!
id: 16778
Doug wipes down the area
id: 16779
Tattoo pigments
id: 16780
Lots of colors
id: 16781
Mel's going with straight black
id: 16782
Some tattooing equipment
id: 16783
The outline of the tattoo, this was just rubbed on
id: 16784
Mel assumes the position
id: 16785
Ready to rock!
id: 16786
Doug shows Mel that the needles are being unwrapped
id: 16787
Mel's getting comfy
id: 16788
The needle
id: 16789
Setting up equipment
id: 16790
Doug gets the pigments ready
id: 16791
Who's that dweeb?
id: 16792
A closeup of the outline
id: 16793
Glovin' up!
id: 16794
It begins!
id: 16795
Mel's marked for life!
id: 16796
"Is that it?"
id: 16797
Doug concentrates
id: 16798
Hi Mel!
id: 16799
Some of that is real ink, folks!
id: 16800
Tattoo in progress
id: 16801
Doug is hard at work
id: 16802
Doug almost looks like he's thinking "whooops!"
id: 16803
Everything's going well
id: 16804
The pigments
id: 16805
The outline is halfway done!
id: 16806
Doug continues
id: 16807
Go Doug go!
id: 16808
It's times like this that I'm glad I've got a zoom lens
id: 16809
Doug's been at it for a while now
id: 16810
Another "butt update" for mel
id: 16811
Looking good!
id: 16812
The completed outline, with a little bit of the main body
id: 16813
The center is filling up!
id: 16814
Mel didn't complain one bit
id: 16815
How's it going, Mel?
id: 16816
id: 16817
Half way done!
id: 16818
More filling in
id: 16819
Doug dabs off extra pigment
id: 16820
Mel adjusts her position... carefully
id: 16821
"My hand is asleep"
id: 16822
Wiggle that hand!
id: 16823
Nearly done now!
id: 16824
Almost there!
id: 16825
The completed product, with a little antiseptic
id: 16826
A closeup of the batman tattoo
id: 16827
All done!
id: 16828
Just a little sore :)
id: 16829
Doug patches Mel up
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