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10/05/06 - Post office, topology, cougar, pile of meat, door pieces, and Traina panoramas

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id: 16830
Brett and Tony
id: 16831
The new dorm is nearly done!
id: 16832
I shipped my iPod to a dude on eBay
id: 16833
Live from Topology!
id: 16834
Prof. Rudolph's arm is coming out of Sarita's head!
id: 16835
Some crazy cougar!
id: 16836
I didn't get too close so he wouldn't harass me
id: 16837
Mel's favorite form of meat: pile
id: 16838
Anyone want some pastrami?
id: 16839
Pieces of a door handle
id: 16840
id: 16841
id: 16842
id: 16843
id: 16844
id: 16845
id: 16846
The camera mounts onto this part
id: 16847
ITS's neato spherical panorama device
id: 16848
If the bubble's in the middle, everything's balanced!
id: 16849
18 shots per round
id: 16850
Now that is one gorgeous panorama
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