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10/12/06 - New keyboard, topology, leaves, and The Flying Linked List!

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id: 16933
A huge line for the caf
id: 16934
The Hiroshima bomb was actually 15 KILOtons, so I called the Globe to correct them
id: 16935
id: 16936
Brett enlisted Rosie's help to put his new keyboard on
id: 16937
Rosie had to do this last year so she was experienced
id: 16938
Brett watches over the proceedings
id: 16939
Topology class!
id: 16940
Professor Rudolph ripped the earth in two!!
id: 16941
What has science done!!?
id: 16942
Professor Rudolph makes some notes
id: 16943
He had this neat prop for explaining what was going on
id: 16944
Putting the prop together
id: 16945
Professor Rudolph explains some abstract spaces
id: 16946
Topology is fun!
id: 16947
id: 16948
id: 16949
id: 16950
Lots of leaves
id: 16951
A pretty tree
id: 16952
Some leaves on the ground
id: 16953
October is clearly the superior month
id: 16954
Only November comes close
id: 16955
A leaf
id: 16956
This leaf has leprosy
id: 16957
More leaves
id: 16958
Pine needles
id: 16959
A brick wall (used as a desktop)
id: 16960
More leaves
id: 16961
A sneaky squirrel
id: 16962
The Flying Linked List!
id: 16963
The Flying Linked List in action
id: 16964
A flash image to show the angle of attack of the blades while the TFL is in action
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