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10/29/06 - Hanging out, returning my broken chair, James and Rob, library, and magnet structures

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id: 17103
Bryce has a box on his head
id: 17104
He's also a zombie
id: 17105
id: 17106
My window seat
id: 17107
I sit in it thusly.
id: 17108
The view out my window
id: 17109
A car accident in progress! This dude bumped the car behind him and drove off
id: 17110
An old ad from when Abels was running for some sort of office
id: 17111
Mike sitting in my broken chair
id: 17112
Hi Mike
id: 17113
What a weird image
id: 17114
Chairs are sad?
id: 17115
Mike's got a jetpack!
id: 17116
Mel's not looking at the camera
id: 17117
Some topology?
id: 17118
New hard drives!
id: 17119
James playing with magnets on my fridge
id: 17120
Hi Rob
id: 17121
James kept dropping magnets or something
id: 17122
What is the matter with you guys?
id: 17123
Ninja Rob
id: 17124
Now that is a molecule model
id: 17125
It's HUGE!
id: 17126
The History of Math class met in the library on Friday
id: 17127
We learned how to look stuff up in the library
id: 17128
Should come in handy for our research paper
id: 17129
It was really windy this weekend
id: 17130
A nice sky
id: 17131
id: 17132
I bought a bunch of magnets
id: 17133
They're a lot of fun
id: 17134
The LEM?
id: 17135
An icosahedron
id: 17136
Aka, a D20
id: 17137
Mel in her room, which was being rearranged
id: 17138
Mel makes a crazy face!
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