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11/09/06 - Squirrel, balloons, new glasses, and low flying airplanes

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id: 17205
A squirrel!
id: 17206
He's digging!
id: 17207
What's he digging for?
id: 17208
He noticed me
id: 17209
He's highly suspicious
id: 17210
People walking by didn't help
id: 17211
I love this zoom lens
id: 17212
id: 17213
Hallo squirrel
id: 17214
Playing with the digital zoom
id: 17215
id: 17216
He wouldn't come back down out of the tree
id: 17217
Too bad squirrels can't smile
id: 17218
Clark in the fall
id: 17219
id: 17220
Reminds me of electron orbits
id: 17221
id: 17222
Tuesday was a good day for America
id: 17223
New glasses with clip on sunglasses
id: 17224
New glasses
id: 17225
Old glasses
id: 17226
id: 17227
A low flying airplane! You can see the ID number
id: 17228
Another low flying airplane
id: 17229
What's up with all these airplanes?
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