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11/11/06 - Marble structures, really old books, and a Smash Brothers Melee tournament

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id: 23234
A tour group wanders by Carlson
id: 23235
This was written in the middle of a sequence of equations..
id: 23236
An airplane!
id: 23237
Nugget and Melvin
id: 23238
id: 23239
I made an icosahedron out of neodymium magnets and steel balls!
id: 23240
It looks pretty cool
id: 23241
It's really heavy
id: 23242
Inside a larger icosahedron
id: 23243
72 steel balls
id: 23244
Inside the giant icosahedron
id: 23245
Another shot inside the icosahedron
id: 23246
The icosahedron almost finished
id: 23247
You can see inside!
id: 23248
The headless icosahedron
id: 23249
All put back together
id: 23250
It was pretty stable once fully assembled
id: 23251
One more shot of the icosahedron
id: 23252
Closeup of the steel balls
id: 23253
Really old books
id: 23254
This book.. is really old
id: 23255
id: 23256
This book of Maxwell's papers was published only shortly after his death
id: 23257
It's weird to see how familiar this looks consdering how old it is
id: 23258
More really old books
id: 23259
A squirrel!
id: 23260
The athletic center
id: 23261
My sweet new topology book
id: 23262
Brett and Bryce standing around
id: 23263
Brandon seems psyched for the Smash Brothers tournament
id: 23264
Bryce just seems.. creepy
id: 23265
Pizza is here!
id: 23266
Look at all the pizza!
id: 23267
This guy's got a pizza
id: 23268
Pizza is James' best friend
id: 23269
Brandon digs in
id: 23270
Everyone's got pizza!
id: 23271
Mike attacks that pizza
id: 23272
Hey Mike
id: 23273
Bryce enjoys himself
id: 23274
The spectator zones around the playing area
id: 23275
Another playing station
id: 23276
Smash Brothers awaits
id: 23277
Josh gets some pizza
id: 23278
Brandon's having a good time
id: 23279
Mmm, pizza
id: 23280
Hey Brett
id: 23281
James and Brandon talking about something
id: 23282
Mike and James
id: 23283
Bryce has pizza
id: 23284
Brett looks suspicious of the camera
id: 23285
Standing around..
id: 23286
Mike talks to Brett
id: 23287
James savors the moment before the first bite
id: 23288
And off he goes
id: 23289
Mike takes a drink
id: 23290
A Gamecube controller
id: 23291
Bryce calls this one "Smash players ready for blood"
id: 23292
James thinks something is funny
id: 23293
Looks like Mike has grossed out Brett once again
id: 23294
Bryce checks out the ceiling while eating pizza
id: 23295
Brett and Mike
id: 23296
Laughing about something..
id: 23297
Bryce, James, and Brandon devestate more pizza
id: 23298
This makes Brandon happy
id: 23299
Bryce and James
id: 23300
What's up, Bryce?
id: 23301
Sitting around..
id: 23302
This guy looks pretty bummed
id: 23303
Hey Mike!
id: 23304
Outrageous and Bryce
id: 23305
The pizza is all gone!
id: 23306
And James looks pretty guilty
id: 23307
Drawing the tournament tree
id: 23308
Some other games..
id: 23309
Bryce checks out the PS2
id: 23310
id: 23311
Brett watches people playing
id: 23312
Bryce gets in on a game
id: 23313
PS2 controller
id: 23314
Explaining how the tournament is going to work
id: 23315
Playing a game
id: 23316
Playing Smash
id: 23317
Bryce settles in
id: 23318
Smash Brothers!
id: 23319
Listening to someone explain tournament rules
id: 23320
Brandon examines the controller
id: 23321
He looks so lost
id: 23322
James is going to hit Pikachu out to left field
id: 23323
Oh no!
id: 23324
id: 23325
Smash action!
id: 23326
Bryce is so focused
id: 23327
So is Outrageous
id: 23328
Brandon pushes some buttons
id: 23329
Mike's sideburns are out of control
id: 23330
Mike and Mitch
id: 23331
Mike plays
id: 23332
Mike playing Smash
id: 23333
Nice label
id: 23334
Brett looks excited
id: 23335
Bryce gets into the game
id: 23336
Finishing the tree
id: 23337
Outrageous is out!
id: 23338
So is Bryce!
id: 23339
Brandon and Bryce: losers
id: 23340
Bryce and James
id: 23341
James.. says something
id: 23342
Bryce and Brandon play games in the other room
id: 23343
Oh that's nice, Brandon
id: 23344
Everyone sitting around
id: 23345
James: a guitar hero
id: 23346
Look at him go
id: 23347
Go, James, go
id: 23348
Gotta give him points for style
id: 23349
Don't fall over!
id: 23350
Outrageous takes up his axe
id: 23351
The old PS2 is a monster
id: 23352
James and Brandon
id: 23353
Bryce is having a good time
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