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11/17/06 - Slide whistle, Rube Goldberg Machine, Chili, and some Topology

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id: 17230
Brandon plays the slide whistle
id: 17231
Go Brandon go
id: 17232
Playing "Me and Bobby McGee"
id: 17233
Brandon plays a mean slide whistle
id: 17234
You can't play with one hand!
id: 17235
James looks on
id: 17236
Brandon goes crazy
id: 17237
Brandon gets some beer
id: 17238
An awful flash picture
id: 17239
id: 17240
Hi Michelle!
id: 17241
A totally insane picture of Brandon
id: 17242
A toast!
id: 17243
Brandon ripped his pants
id: 17244
Workers on the new dorm
id: 17245
They're putting bricks on now
id: 17246
Nearly done!
id: 17247
The first stage of my machine
id: 17248
I would've made $100 off this machine. Too bad the opp went down
id: 17249
It worked pretty well
id: 17250
The marble ramp
id: 17251
Brushing my teeth!
id: 17252
Brett blinked!
id: 17253
Chris taught Topology for the day
id: 17254
Go Chris go
id: 17255
The RAs are making chili!
id: 17256
Hi Mel!
id: 17257
A big bucket of chili!
id: 17258
Sauce lid
id: 17259
Mel stirs the chili
id: 17260
Must stiiirrrr
id: 17261
Stiring the lame vegetarian chili
id: 17262
Hi Mel!
id: 17263
Mike, Bryce, and Brett play a round of magic before chili
id: 17264
Mike's making cofee!
id: 17265
Bryce looks over his cards
id: 17266
Mike's got coffee
id: 17267
Looks like he needs it
id: 17268
Bryce gets a new deck
id: 17269
Mel and Jane prepare some food
id: 17270
Cornbread muffins!
id: 17271
Cornbread... bread!
id: 17272
Mel cuts out muffins
id: 17273
Chili pots
id: 17274
Empty sauce jars
id: 17275
Oops, forgot to rotate.
id: 17276
A pile of keys, swipe cards, and cell phones
id: 17277
Cutting out muffins
id: 17278
Mmm, muffins
id: 17279
Cutting muffins!
id: 17280
id: 17281
Mel gives me a look
id: 17282
id: 17283
Preparing food
id: 17284
Mel serves some chili
id: 17285
Mel and Jane get some chili
id: 17286
Brandon's got some chili
id: 17287
James and Brandon are having a good time
id: 17288
Mel gets her own chili
id: 17289
Mel liiiikes chili
id: 17290
Oops, forgot to rotate this one too
id: 17291
It would be way too much work to fix the rotation on this so.. deal with it.
id: 17292
Brett joins in the fun
id: 17293
Brett was our official southwest expert
id: 17294
What do you think, Brett?
id: 17295
Jane gets some chili, and Mike's here!
id: 17296
These creeps were standing right behind me
id: 17297
Hallo Bryce
id: 17298
A good way to start of AUSA weekend I suppose
id: 17299
Mike gets some chili
id: 17300
Mike.. turns around?
id: 17301
id: 17302
Not many people ate the donuts
id: 17303
Brett kind of leans back in a weird way..
id: 17304
Brett gets some pie
id: 17305
Bryce looks through the window thing
id: 17306
Mitch showed up too
id: 17307
Bryce gets way too close
id: 17308
Mike sneaks into the little window thing
id: 17309
Megaflash on James!
id: 17310
Brett tries to hide behind a corner
id: 17311
Bryce is getting beord
id: 17312
A damp morning in November at Clark University
id: 17313
Neat sky
id: 17314
Professor Rudolph sits in the back
id: 17315
Eric taught the class today
id: 17316
I guess Prof. Rudolph doesn't like the way this class is going
id: 17317
Prof. Rudolph gets comfy
id: 17318
He later knocked the desk over and startled everyone
id: 17319
Snazzy socks
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