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11/23/06 - ITS, crazy Mel, creepy Atwood, haircut, Mo, traveling, Matt the Mat

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id: 17320
The wall of macros grows at work
id: 17321
An awful picture of Brandon and Nugget
id: 17322
Nugget's standard suspicious look
id: 17323
Hay guys
id: 17324
Brandon plays with the phlat-ball while working
id: 17325
Magnetic darts!
id: 17326
Phlat ball in the air!
id: 17327
Fun with bags
id: 17328
Fun fun fun
id: 17329
Brandon looks inside
id: 17330
The new building site was wide open
id: 17331
New building!
id: 17332
It's almost done
id: 17333
I like the window setup
id: 17334
A weird scaffold
id: 17335
A pineapple!?
id: 17336
Why is there a pineapple near Dana?
id: 17337
Oh yeah, I'm wicked cool
id: 17338
Party in the suite!
id: 17339
Brandon.. does something
id: 17340
Mel walking along
id: 17341
Heeey Mel
id: 17342
There's Mel's look!
id: 17343
Mel's starting to get weird
id: 17344
Walking along
id: 17345
Crazy Mel!
id: 17346
id: 17347
id: 17348
id: 17349
Sitting on the stage
id: 17350
Looking out at the chairs
id: 17351
id: 17352
This is where Mel sits sometimes
id: 17353
The stage
id: 17354
id: 17355
Weird storage room
id: 17356
Wicked creepy prop
id: 17357
THis place is a mess
id: 17358
File cabinets
id: 17359
Get it? Get it?
id: 17360
Mel is hiding in the mess
id: 17361
Found youuuu
id: 17362
Hey! A BB gun!
id: 17363
Mel looks for costumes
id: 17364
Mel at work
id: 17365
Working working working
id: 17366
Worst graffiti ever
id: 17367
View from the stage. See Mel?
id: 17368
I look stupid
id: 17369
A hawk!
id: 17370
Hallo hawk!
id: 17371
He sat there for a while
id: 17372
Before haircut, hair in my eyes
id: 17373
Before haircut, hair normal
id: 17374
id: 17375
Mel is cold
id: 17376
Cutting my hair!!
id: 17377
id: 17378
My hair is all wet
id: 17379
The first cut
id: 17380
id: 17381
id: 17382
Mo looks outisde
id: 17383
Mel grabs Mo
id: 17384
Mo looks over there
id: 17385
Mo struggles
id: 17386
Mo makes a break for it
id: 17387
Ah, sweet freedom
id: 17388
A statue on a building in Providence
id: 17389
Cranes in Providence
id: 17390
Wow! That! Sounds! Cool!
id: 17391
Aw, so close
id: 17392
Tuns out I took a picture of this sign in January too
id: 17393
The neato ceiling
id: 17394
The train is coming
id: 17395
id: 17396
id: 17397
Playing with my zoom lens. Hi mom.
id: 17398
My mom's kind of lame jack-o-lantern
id: 17399
Matt snaps a shot of me shuffling
id: 17400
id: 17401
Matt the Mat!
id: 17402
Matt got a new camera
id: 17403
Camera fight!
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