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11/24/06 - Ahhhh Thanksgiving!!

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id: 17404
Becky on her first day of school.
id: 17405
Don't open it!
id: 17406
You opened it!
id: 17407
Mom is depressed by the box
id: 17408
Mom getting Thankgiving dinner ready
id: 17409
Checking the stove
id: 17410
Pulling out the turkey
id: 17411
id: 17412
All done
id: 17413
Closeup of the turkey
id: 17414
Mom with the turkey
id: 17415
My grandmother talks to Greg on the phone
id: 17416
Becky and Colleen
id: 17417
Mom and Aunt Teresa
id: 17418
Becky and Colleen pose
id: 17419
id: 17420
Becky talks to Greg
id: 17421
Becky and Colleen hang out on the couch
id: 17422
Uncle Chris
id: 17423
Gra-gra and my mom
id: 17424
Talking about.. stuff
id: 17425
Becky looks around
id: 17426
Uncle Chris
id: 17427
id: 17428
Becky and Colleen
id: 17429
Becky meet's the mega-flash. "I hated it."
id: 17430
Becky's giant glass
id: 17431
Uncle Chris pours some wine
id: 17432
Gra-gra looks around
id: 17433
Becky's got wine!
id: 17434
Becky and Colleen pose again
id: 17435
Cheer up Gra-gra!
id: 17436
Becky's beverages
id: 17437
Uncle Chris and Aunt Teresa
id: 17438
Pumpkin soup?
id: 17439
Becky checks her rolls
id: 17440
Rolls and other food cooking
id: 17441
Pulling out some food
id: 17442
Marshmellows on yams!
id: 17443
It was actually really good
id: 17444
Mom at dinner
id: 17445
id: 17446
Aunt Teresa makes a weird face
id: 17447
Uncle Chris and Aunt Teresa
id: 17448
Colleen and Uncle Chris
id: 17449
Collen and a hiding Becky
id: 17450
Aunt Teresa and Gra-gra
id: 17451
Uncle Chris pours some more wine
id: 17452
Becky has some yams or something
id: 17453
Turkey salt and pepper shakers
id: 17454
My mom
id: 17455
Gra-gra at dinner!
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