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12/06/06 - Hanging out at home, laptop, Mel's house, shopping, moon, and chair pics

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id: 17456
My mom near the door
id: 17457
Real classy. (We wanted them to take the barrels)
id: 17458
Start with a card..
id: 17459
Align thusly
id: 17460
id: 17461
Hold three together
id: 17462
id: 17463
id: 17464
Slip the last one in place
id: 17465
The top of my creation
id: 17466
Definately has fractal potential
id: 17467
id: 17468
id: 17469
Becky hanging out
id: 17470
Strawberry's in a box
id: 17471
Strawberry likes his box
id: 17472
He seems to be reconsidering
id: 17473
Hi Strawberry
id: 17474
A crazy bird on my fridge
id: 17475
id: 17476
Strawberry moves in
id: 17477
My mom doesn't seem too happy about it
id: 17478
Strawberry smells around
id: 17479
id: 17480
A pretty good picture of her
id: 17481
Isabelle looks at my mom
id: 17482
It kind of looks like my mom is killing Isabelle.. but she's not
id: 17483
What's that!?
id: 17484
Waiting at a stop light
id: 17485
There he is again!
id: 17486
It's the mooninites!
id: 17487
Adult Swim had an awesome light up bill board
id: 17488
As seen from farther away
id: 17489
Nice billboard
id: 17490
James snaps a few shots
id: 17491
James strikes a pose in front of the mooninite billboard
id: 17492
Yep, that's me
id: 17493
Strawberry on the couch
id: 17494
Barely awake..
id: 17495
Don't look so.. morose..
id: 17496
Back to sleep
id: 17497
Becky on the couch
id: 17498
Nice laptop sticker, Becky
id: 17499
Becky hates these pictures
id: 17500
A ultrasound of my heart!
id: 17501
Beany drew this a while back
id: 17502
Mel's diagram of why I'm not allowed to wear hats. My mom hates it
id: 17503
The new building is nearly done!
id: 17504
Workers on the building
id: 17505
A nest
id: 17506
Pictures for selling my laptop on eBay
id: 17507
The back of my laptop
id: 17508
The last picture of Hyatt you'll ever see. Bye Hyatt!
id: 17509
Professor Rudolph looks extra crazy in this one
id: 17510
Hmm, I wonder who was in the room
id: 17511
Mel's hallway project for November
id: 17512
Too bad she never finished it!
id: 17513
Bag full o' laptops
id: 17514
Bailey and Mel
id: 17515
id: 17516
It's Mo!
id: 17517
What the hell is this!!?
id: 17518
Mel's ready to fight Pikachu
id: 17519
Bailley and Mel in a cutout picture thing..
id: 17520
Yeah, you guys are cool
id: 17521
A thing on a radio tower
id: 17522
As Snake said before me.. "A surveillance camera!?"
id: 17523
Mel's got some containers
id: 17524
That's.. great
id: 17525
id: 17526
Bailey with my gun
id: 17527
Whoa, calm down, buddy
id: 17528
Mo investiages the duck
id: 17529
Not quite sure about this..
id: 17530
Maybe just one smell
id: 17531
Mel's got the duck all packed up
id: 17532
Good to know..
id: 17533
The moon!
id: 17534
Some of my best moon shots
id: 17535
Trickky to do..
id: 17536
The moon
id: 17537
A less good moon
id: 17538
The moon... again
id: 17539
My setup for studying. I brought this chair from the math common room
id: 17540
I couldn't resist..
id: 17541
Me sitting on the nice chair in the hallway
id: 17542
Through natural selection, my wardrobe is almost entirely black.. with one blindingly orange shirt
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