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12/08/06 - Hanging out in a physics lab with Chris and Mitch

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id: 17543
id: 17544
Ooo beakers
id: 17545
Chris carefully measures out some chemicals
id: 17546
They've all been carefully measured and are ready to go
id: 17547
More blue liquids
id: 17548
A syringe for extracting small amounts of liquid
id: 17549
This shot was staged. The green liquid had no purpose
id: 17550
The small beakers in the big beaker
id: 17551
Chris measured out some more stuff
id: 17552
id: 17553
id: 17554
Jars, bottles.. whatever
id: 17555
I love this sign
id: 17556
Some.. crap
id: 17557
Look at all the.. rocks?
id: 17558
Gas handle
id: 17559
Some gloves and safety glasses
id: 17560
Gloves, safety glasses, and a little data
id: 17561
A model of a crystal lattice
id: 17562
If you look at it the right way you'll get a hexagon
id: 17563
Hexagon tubes!
id: 17564
A terrible shot of a material Chris made as soon through the microscope. Best I could do!
id: 17565
The same compound
id: 17566
It looks better with just a straight macro image
id: 17567
Magnetic crystals!
id: 17568
It took a long time to make this little pile
id: 17569
If you look at the lattice another way you get a square!
id: 17570
Square tubes
id: 17571
Sounds like a party to me
id: 17572
Chris carefully brings some beakers across the lab
id: 17573
Don't bump them!
id: 17574
Chris sets down the beakers so he can get the door
id: 17575
In this closet they won't get vibrated as much
id: 17576
Setting up light
id: 17577
Gently adding water
id: 17578
id: 17579
He shoots the side rather than right into the water to reduce vibrations
id: 17580
Some older beakers
id: 17581
The fluids are starting to rise
id: 17582
id: 17583
Chris looks over some data
id: 17584
Showing the magnetic properties of some crystals
id: 17585
This was a good sample!
id: 17586
I loooove liquid nitrogen
id: 17587
Some.. magnetic sensor thing
id: 17588
This guy guards the equipment
id: 17589
A lever..
id: 17590
Why even have it?
id: 17591
Some digital display
id: 17592
A webcam
id: 17593
id: 17594
A climate controlled box
id: 17595
Inside the box
id: 17596
Some wires in the box
id: 17597
An empty beaker in the box
id: 17598
More stuff in the box
id: 17599
Some other... equipment
id: 17600
This if for sale if you want it..
id: 17601
Sensing magnetic fields?
id: 17602
More equipment
id: 17603
id: 17604
Another large magnet machine
id: 17605
Beakers in beakers
id: 17606
Another syringe
id: 17607
Crystals ready for harvesting
id: 17608
So many crystals
id: 17609
Very delicate
id: 17610
This ad cracked me up
id: 17611
Chris adds some info to the log book
id: 17612
Log book closeup
id: 17613
More log book
id: 17614
Starting to harvest crystals
id: 17615
Once the liquid drains, you've got crystals!
id: 17616
It takes time
id: 17617
Big cyrstals on the rim
id: 17618
These crystals are pretty big for this kind of work
id: 17619
id: 17620
id: 17621
A good drop!
id: 17622
A drop in action
id: 17623
Nice ripples
id: 17624
id: 17625
Bigger ripples
id: 17626
An even nicer ripple set
id: 17627
id: 17628
id: 17629
id: 17630
The best drop I got
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