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01/01/07 - First Night in Boston. Mel appears as A-Chan at the Anime Boston event

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id: 17799
Mel's got breakfast!
id: 17800
id: 17801
Hi Mel
id: 17802
Mmm, muffin
id: 17803
Mel shows off Sketches new art
id: 17804
Very nice, Sketch!
id: 17805
Hanging out behind the screen
id: 17806
This was my view for about 12 hours
id: 17807
Metro circle!
id: 17808
Security Ball!
id: 17809
Patrick mans the soundboard
id: 17810
Mel watches some random dubbed anime
id: 17811
Lots of people showed up to First Night
id: 17812
Headless puppet!
id: 17813
A similar puppet... with a head
id: 17814
Oh no! This puppet fell over!
id: 17815
A creepy giant puppet
id: 17816
Giant puppets!
id: 17817
The Anime Boston registration staffers
id: 17818
The Pruduential
id: 17819
Patrick as Al peeks out at the audience
id: 17820
Nice helmet
id: 17821
Al as a shadow puppet
id: 17822
Mel's foam head vs Al
id: 17823
Patrick in his helmet again
id: 17824
FMA! Whooo! Too bad it was dubbed
id: 17825
Mel and Patrick talk to the audience
id: 17826
Mel starts the FMA costume contest
id: 17827
There were no FMA cosplayers so they took any cosplayers
id: 17828
The participants line up
id: 17829
The audience near its largest size
id: 17830
Mel did a great job entertaining the crowd
id: 17831
Did I say Mel? I meant A-chan
id: 17832
id: 17833
Patrick looks bored
id: 17834
Some costumers
id: 17835
Costume contest
id: 17836
The winner gets an FMA dvd
id: 17837
I'm not sure what they're supposed to be..
id: 17838
The Card Captor girl threw her costume on in less than a minute
id: 17839
Al looks on
id: 17840
Mel examines the cosplayers
id: 17841
The lineup again
id: 17842
Sketch looks on
id: 17843
Patrick lunges at, I mean, indicates towards, Card Captor Sakura
id: 17844
She got the most applause
id: 17845
Card Captor girl won!
id: 17846
Looks good!
id: 17847
Sketch somehow took over the sound board
id: 17848
Mel... does something
id: 17849
Mel changes into A-chan's fancy dress... by pulling it over her clothes
id: 17850
Way to go Mel
id: 17851
People out on the street
id: 17852
People watching the people out on the street
id: 17853
Formal A-chan!
id: 17854
Looking good Mel!
id: 17855
It's actually her prom dress, it just lucked out
id: 17856
She's all crazy!
id: 17857
A-chan's got a spiffy hat
id: 17858
Sketch and Patrick
id: 17859
A-chan tries on her hat
id: 17860
Sketch makes a ridiculous face
id: 17861
A 15 second exposure
id: 17862
One episode of subbed anime pretty much cleared out the room
id: 17863
id: 17864
Free T-shirts!!
id: 17865
id: 17866
Sketch and A-chan watch the t-shirt chaos
id: 17867
Patrick throws t-shirts into the audience
id: 17868
Freeeee t-shirts!
id: 17869
Sketch and A-chan
id: 17870
A-chan poses with some guy
id: 17871
Someone takes a picture of A-chan
id: 17872
Sketch with his spiffy hat
id: 17873
A-chan shows off her strength
id: 17874
Reagan talks to A-chan
id: 17875
Mel fell asleep on her face
id: 17876
Only for a few minutes
id: 17877
Sketches' spiffy hat is too big for Mel
id: 17878
It falls all the way over her nose!
id: 17879
Mel's last audience interaction of the night
id: 17880
People in the audience
id: 17881
Mel talking to people
id: 17882
It was a tricky trivia question
id: 17883
Did someone get it?
id: 17884
Someone eventually won the DVD
id: 17885
Patrick in the back of the room
id: 17886
Still waiting on someone to get the trivia question right
id: 17887
The crowd is back!
id: 17888
Lots of people
id: 17889
An ice sculpture that used to be ducklings
id: 17890
It's been melting for a while
id: 17891
Why did they give Spidey such a big package?
id: 17892
It's midnight!
id: 17893
Midnight toast with Mountain Dew
id: 17894
Happy New Years!
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