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01/07/07 - Driving to Rhode Island, Zelda embroidery, birthday, gimp, and cats

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id: 17895
Mel makes a face while driving
id: 17896
Rainy traveling again!
id: 17897
The cars threw mist into the air
id: 17898
A creepy billboard
id: 17899
A crappy picture that shows how the top of the Prudential is in the clouds
id: 17900
An underpass
id: 17901
Some buildings under construction
id: 17902
A crane with a flag on it
id: 17903
The Zakim Bridge
id: 17904
id: 17905
A neato picture of the Zakim Bridge
id: 17906
The tunnel
id: 17907
id: 17908
The light at the end of the tunnel
id: 17909
That cool painting building
id: 17910
The windmill
id: 17911
Generating electricity!
id: 17912
Mel starts her Zelda embroidery project
id: 17913
Cutting the material
id: 17914
The drawing of what she's going to make, with annotations
id: 17915
Putting the hoop in place
id: 17916
id: 17917
A closeup of the hoop
id: 17918
Mel working on embroidery
id: 17919
Mel's got a lot of work ahead of her
id: 17920
Working on the stitches
id: 17921
A closeup of the stitches
id: 17922
id: 17923
I have rediscovered gimp
id: 17924
I made a twisty keychain!
id: 17925
It glows in the dark
id: 17926
A happy birthday cheesecake!
id: 17927
This was the only candle we could find
id: 17928
I blew it out
id: 17929
Mo with a princess hat!
id: 17930
Yay Mo!
id: 17931
Mo runs away with a hat on his butt
id: 17932
Mel got me a NASA shot glass from my birthday
id: 17933
She also got me an autographed picture of Story Musgrave! Awesome!
id: 17934
Bailey's christmas present from Mel: the bacon wallet
id: 17935
The llamas! They've escaped!
id: 17936
My double tornado stitch
id: 17937
I invented it myself
id: 17938
Pretty neato, huh?
id: 17939
AA batteries for scale
id: 17940
My mom got me an ID bracelet for my birthday
id: 17941
Finally! Now I won't die
id: 17942
Becky waiting to be seated for dinner
id: 17943
Mel looking at something
id: 17944
Mel is surprised
id: 17945
id: 17946
There I am
id: 17947
My mom is laughing
id: 17948
Becky keeps making faces
id: 17949
My mom makes a funny face
id: 17950
Becky's got a drink
id: 17951
Becky keeps posing
id: 17952
Thumbs up Becky!
id: 17953
Me and Mel
id: 17954
Mel made a crazy face
id: 17955
Mel cannot stop making crazy faces
id: 17956
OK, mines a little crazy there too
id: 17957
Fun fun
id: 17958
Mom and Becky
id: 17959
Could it be? A decent picture of my mom?
id: 17960
Becky won't stop moving
id: 17961
I made this thing out of business cards
id: 17962
A tangle of gimp!
id: 17963
Mel's gimp hat
id: 17964
id: 17965
Beginning the braid
id: 17966
First loops
id: 17967
Another angle of the loops
id: 17968
All put together!
id: 17969
This project didn't really work...
id: 17970
My grandmother and Uncle Chris
id: 17971
My sister's name is way bigger than mine
id: 17972
Creepy nutcrackers
id: 17973
The world's scariest nutcracker
id: 17974
Strawberry and the round pillows!
id: 17975
Strawberry and Isabelle!
id: 17976
They're sitting on top of each other!
id: 17977
id: 17978
Isn't that cute?
id: 17979
Strawberry and Isabelle sitting together
id: 17980
Me opening something
id: 17981
id: 17982
My grandmother
id: 17983
My aunt and uncle got me a cool hat from India but it doesn't fit
id: 17984
I also got binoculars!
id: 17985
Cool stuff! Thanks!
id: 17986
Becky has some card
id: 17987
She got some clothes from India
id: 17988
It's neato
id: 17989
A pile of crap
id: 17990
My binocular case
id: 17991
My binoculars
id: 17992
My grandmother and Mel
id: 17993
The hat fits Mel!
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