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01/21/07 - Tons of boxes, juggling, and Pictionary party!

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id: 17994
My temporary liquor ID
id: 17995
WTF is this!?
id: 17996
A nice sky
id: 17997
Neato sky
id: 17998
id: 17999
Creepy creepy doll
id: 18000
id: 18001
I bought a baseball and had the cashier sign it for me
id: 18002
Mo looks out the window
id: 18003
Bailey peeks over a chair
id: 18004
I got this in the mail the other day
id: 18005
It's a card
id: 18006
Awww, thanks Wikimedia!
id: 18007
id: 18008
Brett got 10 packages in the mail! And he didn't order them!
id: 18009
Bryce came to help move them
id: 18010
The mail room
id: 18011
Brett talks to the mail people
id: 18012
They let us come in to get the boxes ourselves
id: 18013
A bunch of huge boxes!
id: 18014
What is this??
id: 18015
Bryce helps out
id: 18016
The pile of boxes was actually taller than this mailroom staffer
id: 18017
Lets find out what's in the box
id: 18018
Bryce and Brett speculate
id: 18019
What could be in there?
id: 18020
"What the hell?"
id: 18021
It's more boxes!!
id: 18022
2 of 10!
id: 18023
Brett loads some boxes into the elevator
id: 18024
It's a tough fit
id: 18025
Come on Brett!
id: 18026
Bryce carries even more boxes by hand
id: 18027
"Get in here Bryce!"
id: 18028
Bryce crams in
id: 18029
Reaching for the button
id: 18030
Each box has 20 boxes in them
id: 18031
Some boxes near the elevator
id: 18032
Bryce and Brett didn't get out in time so had to go back up and come back down
id: 18033
Brett pulls the boxes out of the elevator
id: 18034
We decided to load the boxes through the window
id: 18035
Here comes the first box!
id: 18036
"Doh!" the window closed!
id: 18037
First box gets in
id: 18038
The dolly we used
id: 18039
Brett comes over to help return the dolly and find the one box we lost
id: 18040
Heyyy Brett
id: 18041
By the time we got back Bryce had made a fort
id: 18042
"You'll never break in!"
id: 18043
Brett with a completed box
id: 18044
Brett with one of his 200 boxes
id: 18045
We immediately set to work making boxes
id: 18046
Brett looks in each box first
id: 18047
Watching Animal Planet
id: 18048
Putting boxes together!
id: 18049
Fold it half way...
id: 18050
Then remove the adhesive strip and put together!
id: 18051
The box forest tipped over
id: 18052
So many boxes!
id: 18053
I tried to make a chair
id: 18054
The box pile
id: 18055
Brett's going to try to sit down
id: 18056
And there he goes
id: 18057
I made a weird octobox
id: 18058
So many boxes!!
id: 18059
The view from the hallway
id: 18060
Mel lies down in the pile
id: 18061
It's not very comfortable
id: 18062
I crushed them all and threw them away
id: 18063
This looks like a lot, but we still have about 140 that weren't assembled!
id: 18064
Brett borrowed my camera to take and print and ID pic. He took this picture of the printer thing
id: 18065
Brett's ID picture for his professor
id: 18066
Bryce looks at something
id: 18067
Tony's going to try juggling
id: 18068
Blurry ball
id: 18069
Tony's juggling!
id: 18070
...kind of
id: 18071
id: 18072
Bryce is all blurry
id: 18073
Flash picture of thet bals in the air
id: 18074
Good catch!
id: 18075
Tony's getting better
id: 18076
Come on Tony, you can do it!
id: 18077
Juggle juggle juggle
id: 18078
Bryce watches Tony
id: 18079
It finally snowed!
id: 18080
Brett lets the ifinger puppets do the talking for this marketing book
id: 18081
"Mii mii miii mii miiiii"
id: 18082
Bryce takes a drink
id: 18083
"What're you talking pictures of?"
id: 18084
How's the water Bryce?
id: 18085
What's over there?
id: 18086
Someone came in
id: 18087
Bryce takes a moment to.. sit
id: 18088
Smashley talks about.. something
id: 18089
Alicia and Brett
id: 18090
We're waiting for Pictionary to start
id: 18091
Smashley talks to Alicia and Brett
id: 18092
Rosie is here too!
id: 18093
Brett and Rosie
id: 18094
Brett thinks something is funny
id: 18095
Smashley has some of her pina colada
id: 18096
Smashley hates most of the Pictionary challenges. "What!?? No!"
id: 18097
Brett starts drawing
id: 18098
Bryce doesn't seem to be having fun
id: 18099
Smashley signs my baseball
id: 18100
Bryce's autograph
id: 18101
Smashley's autograph
id: 18102
Rosie's autograph
id: 18103
Brett's autograph
id: 18104
I'm not sure who wrote this one
id: 18105
Pictionary fun
id: 18106
Smashley's having a blast!
id: 18107
Rosie and Brett won this time
id: 18108
Bryce looks disgruntled
id: 18109
The Pictionary board
id: 18110
The hourglass
id: 18111
Rosie's turn to guess!
id: 18112
What could it beeeee?
id: 18113
Brandon's autograph
id: 18114
Time for the hookah!
id: 18115
It's just tobacco, folks
id: 18116
Rosie takes a hit off the hookah
id: 18117
Smashley and Brandon
id: 18118
Brett and Alicia
id: 18119
Smashley gets some smoke
id: 18120
id: 18121
Brandon takes an angry hit from the hookah?
id: 18122
Brett gives a suspicious look to the hookah
id: 18123
Alicia, Rosie, and Smashley
id: 18124
Smash makes a weird face
id: 18125
Bryce watches his AMV on my iPod
id: 18126
Smashley's turn again
id: 18127
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