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01/28/07 - Same boat, different world. A trillion people. Hanging out at 86, drawing, and Rosie attacks!

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id: 18128
This picture, by Mel, pretty much sums up me and Mel
id: 18129
The artist with her work
id: 18130
Mel flips me off
id: 18131
"...almost a trillion people are now going online"
id: 18132
Smashley exhales form the hookah
id: 18133
Rosie's turn
id: 18134
Brandon makes a crazy face with me in the background
id: 18135
Smashley and Brandon
id: 18136
Let the crazy face making begin!
id: 18137
Brandon kept making insane faces
id: 18138
Smashley kept the same face, trying to make a good picture
id: 18139
Another crazy face
id: 18140
Very funny guys
id: 18141
I drew this cloud eating another cloud
id: 18142
I drew this crazy scene
id: 18143
id: 18144
Rosie's on a rampage!!
id: 18145
Rosie takes aim!
id: 18146
Brett's in trouble
id: 18147
Rosie is looking kind of crazy
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