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02/03/07 - Paper towel machine, and fun with a Wii!

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id: 18148
Boom shackalacka issue #3
id: 18149
The touchless paper towel machine is open
id: 18150
The refilling directions
id: 18151
The battery container
id: 18152
Low battery light and paper feed button
id: 18153
Switches that control various functions
id: 18154
A closeup of the switches
id: 18155
The LED and presumably whatever device is used to detect a person's hand
id: 18156
The locking mechanism
id: 18157
id: 18158
id: 18159
It just runs on D batteries!
id: 18160
Brett uses some boxes as a headrest
id: 18161
That's weird, brett
id: 18162
James' tennis team
id: 18163
James places some games on the Wii
id: 18164
Wii equals much fun
id: 18165
James lines up a shot
id: 18166
Flash pictures to show the action better..
id: 18167
Wii Tennis is a lot of fun
id: 18168
Don't fall over!
id: 18169
Brett swings a cow over his head.. kind of
id: 18170
Brett sometimes gets a little too into the game
id: 18171
You can see the movement by looking at the blue LED on the Wiimote
id: 18172
Smashley's turn on the Wii
id: 18173
Run, Smashley, Run!
id: 18174
Smashley had a ton of fun
id: 18175
Bryce seems disgusted by something
id: 18176
Having fun with the Wii
id: 18177
Smashley thinks it's funny
id: 18178
They're supposed to trace out the green outline
id: 18179
They're drunk so they're not doing so well
id: 18180
Smashley's turn to trace
id: 18181
Bryce in the bowl chair
id: 18182
Smashley was all dressed up for an 80s party
id: 18183
Good thing she's got the strap on
id: 18184
Don't get out of control Smashley!
id: 18185
They're really bad at tracing
id: 18186
The Wii
id: 18187
A closeup of the power button
id: 18188
We made a Hitler Mii
id: 18189
Worst incense holder ever
id: 18190
Window + crowbar + incense
id: 18191
It got the job done
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